Veneer and print create wood look on cork

Cork flooring manufacturers produce wood optics using two different techniques. Thin veneers from the common types of wood are applied to the cork layer or the cork surface is printed. In addition to wood optics, stone optics and geometrical patterns are produced here.

Pressure needs high abrasion resistance

More than other variants, printed cork depends on the manufacturing quality. Basically, cork flooring is easy to print, but very modern digital printing presses have to be used.

Even though the printed cork floors are already available from prices of around forty euros, many users are guessing at least sixty euros per square meter based on their experience with branded products. Cheaper products often tend to fade in front of windows, and if abrasion resistance is too low, the surface designs may become dull and, in extreme cases, even disappear.

Veneer selection surpasses wood parquet

The veneer layer on a cork floor is 0.3 to 0.5 millimeters and is for optical purposes only. It is glued to the cork wear layer, which consists of cork granules in the cheaper segment. Normally, veneered cork parquet is sealed with lacquer, while simple cork panels are not veneered.

The decors of the veneers correspond to the usual and popular types of wood, which are used as parquet. Maple, oak, ash almost every manufacturer has on offer. Unlike pure wood parquet, veneers can also be made from woody plants that are not suitable for wood parquet such as larch, birch and pine.

Pay attention to return and painting

In order to be able to fully exploit the advantageous properties of the cork in cork floors veneered or printed in wood look, the so-called counter-pull, a second cork layer should always be applied below the support plate. The veneered wear layer should be at least three millimeters thick.

Tips & Tricks

A strong as possible at least twice paint seal is recommended for veneered cork floor to increase the abrasion resistance and to protect the veneer best possible against falling objects.

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