Ventilation in the conservatory - 3 ways to fresh air

The best way to ventilate a winter garden depends on the type of conservatory. In general, there are usually three ways to bring fresh air into the conservatory and get rid of the spent.

Ventilate conservatory naturally

In natural ventilation, gravity does a great deal of work. The warm air rises and can escape through ventilation openings in the roof or the tilted windows above. From the outside, cold air comes in automatically.

But this only works as long as the air outside is actually cool. In summer, this method only brings more moisture into the conservatory.

Mechanical ventilation for the conservatory

Similar to natural ventilation, sufficiently large supply air openings must be installed in the mechanical variant. Already during the planning for the conservatory, attention should therefore be paid both to the air openings and to a power connection.

The disadvantage is on the one hand in power consumption and on the other hand in the cold bridge, which often represent these ventilation systems in winter. A heated conservatory loses a lot of heat here.

In addition, these small ventilation systems are sometimes unpleasantly noisy during operation. Since they are not controlled by an automatic, they must be switched by hand.

Automatic ventilation - convenient and effective

The most expensive option is automatic ventilation, which has an electronic control system. No one has to be at home here, so that the conservatory is ventilated. Many of these controllers can also be operated on the go via laptop or smartphone.

The advantages of automatic ventilation outweigh the disadvantages by far. However, anyone who is always at home anyway, can easily do without it.

An overview of the three systems

  • natural ventilation - cheap, but not always possible, presence also required
  • mechanical ventilation - relatively cheap to buy and operate, presence required
  • automatic ventilation with control - expensive to buy, but convenient and practical in operation, no presence necessary

Tips & Tricks

Many automatic ventilation systems can be retrofitted later. You should, however, already create the possibilities during the construction of the winter garden and provide a power connection at the key points.

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