Vermin in bed - what can you do?

If you wake up early with ugly stings or bites on your body, you probably have vermin in bed. This is annoying and unpleasant. We'll explain how to find out what bites you and how to counteract it.

Which vermin can be in bed?

In Germany and Central Europe, bed bugs, fleas or lice are the most common vermin in bed. Even spiders can bite. However, most spiders are too small and do not have enough power to bite through human skin. While lice, fleas and bedbugs feed on human blood, spiders only bite for self-defense. Hundreds of mites live in each bed, but they do not bite humans, but feed on dead skin particles. Thus mites are not annoying, if there is no allergy.

Detect cause

Before you can start fighting, you should know who your opponent is. Above all, it is important that you rule out that it is a harmless mosquito or an allergy. If you have excluded this option, there are several ways to find the cause of the bites or stings:

1. Examine stitches / bites

The bites may look different for each person depending on their physical response. However, what differentiates the pest from each other are the preferred bites and the number of bites. Lice are known to live in hair, as well as biting day and night. Stitches are found here especially in the neck in the hairline. Bedbugs and fleas infest the whole body, but especially the lower part. They leave numerous engravings, sometimes real roads or flocks.
Spiders sting only once or twice, as I said, for self-defense.

2. Distinguish bed bugs from fleas

The biggest difference between fleas and bedbugs is that fleas do not smell unpleasant. Bedbugs emit a sweetly stinking secretion, while fleas are completely odorless. In addition, fleas also like to live in the fur of their pets. Put a piece of white paper under your pet and rub it vigorously through the skin. If small, black globules fall down, flea feces, your pet has fleas in its fur and you probably also in bed.

Step-by-step guide to fighting vermin in bed

  • Lice or flea comb
  • vacuum cleaner
  • Washing machine

1. Comb with Comb

No matter what vermin you have, you can get rid of most of the vermin mechanically. In lice, you can use a lice comb to work on your hair. If your pets flea, you can use a flea comb to comb the fleas out of their fur.

2. Wash bed linen

In all cases, you should wash your sheets as hot as possible, and preferably every few weeks until you have no stitches in the morning. The larvae survive namely the washes.

3. Vacuum the bed

Vacuum your bed thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner each time you wash the sheets. Also vacuum carpets, rugs, sofas, and other fabric furnishings.

4. exterminator

Especially with a bed bug infestation is urged to consult an exterminator. The beasts are extremely annoying and extremely difficult to get rid of.

health risk

As annoying as the bites of vermin may be, unless you are allergic, there is no health risk. Bedbugs, lice or fleas are also unknown today as transmitters of diseases.

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