Vibrant and cheerful walls with colorful mosaic tiles

From the usually small squares on a wall covered with mosaic tiles, a dominating room atmosphere can be created with a bold, creative and varied color combination. Even round mosaic tiles or irregularly broken specimens bring a lot of color into everyday life in the kitchen and bathroom.

Big or small made of ceramic or glass

Apart from the color selection and composition, two main criteria play the decisive roles for the later overall optical image of the colorful mosaic tile wall. With the size of the individual mosaic tiles of less than two centimeters side lengths or diameters, the tiled wall is perceived as an overall picture even at a short distance. With increasing size, the individual mosaic tiles and color contrasts catch the eye.

Most mosaic tiles have a ceramic surface that forms a closed colored and visually even wall. For glass products, depending on the type, intensity and depth of the coloring, semi-transparent or deep-transparent optics are created, which can be decisively staged by incident light.

Patterns and motifs with small mosaic tiles

  • Vertical or horizontal rainbow stripes, which are created by several centimeters wide juxtaposed mosaic tiles.
  • Ornamental and round stripes, circles or other geometric patterns, often composed of angular and round mosaic tiles.
  • "Surreal" play of colors through the wild combination of at least ten different shades that only works well on smaller surfaces.
  • A gradient following the natural color spectrum, which produces a kind of color metamorphosis.

In the case of small mosaic tile formats, the overall colorful effect can be generated in a planar manner and by groups of the same color mosaic tiles.

Patterns and motifs with large mosaic tiles

  • Colorful chessboard patterns with vertical and horizontal or diagonal joints and up to five different colors.
  • Random play of colors with six or more very different colors, which, depending on their intensity, are lively or "screaming".
  • Color grades with neighborly color properties such as blues and greens, yellow-orange-red, or dark or light only.

Tips & Tricks

To collect ideas for the compilation of colorful mosaic tiles, the image search in the relevant search engines on the Internet is suitable.

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