Operating the vibrating plate - you must pay attention to this

If you want to compact a substructure for a foundation or a spill bed, you can hardly get around a vibrating plate. How to properly use a vibrating plate, what to pay attention to when shaking it, and what else is important, read our article.

Types of vibrating plates

First of all, you must familiarize yourself with the type and design of the vibrating plate. The drive can be different for vibratory plates:

  • reciprocating engines
  • Rotary engines
  • Hydraulic motors or also
  • electric motors

The easiest to use are vibrating plates with Bezinmotoren, they are also the most widely used devices.

A vibratory plate can either only move forward (by itself) - or it moves alternately forward and backward. With vibratory plates that move automatically in both directions, you can compress both forward and backward.

Important in the operation

  • Layer thickness and performance
  • compaction control
  • regular breaks

Layer thickness and performance

Always pay attention to the performance of the vibrating plate. Depending on the performance (given in kN = kiloNewton), you can compress different layer thicknesses at once.

Small plates deliver performances of around 10 kN - in practice, this only suffices for layer thicknesses of around 10 - 15 cm (depending on the material), which you can compact at once. Only with very powerful vibrating plates (which can certainly weigh up to one ton) you can compress layer thicknesses of up to 30 cm at once.

compaction control

Especially when one is inexperienced when using a vibrating plate, the compaction control can be a valuable help. On modern vibratory plates, a display with several light-emitting diodes is installed, which shows to what extent the substrate located directly under the plate is compacted.

In this way, weak spots in the substrate are avoided, and any necessary rework is eliminated. This also saves you time and ensures that the result is sufficient.

Regular breaks

The operation of the vibrating plate leads to reduced blood flow to the hands over longer periods of time, and the joints and muscles in the arm are always under heavy strain.

Therefore, take regular breaks and stop work, preferably even before unpleasant pain is felt.

Tips & Tricks

Be sure to read the operating instructions carefully before commissioning and always familiarize yourself with the controls. Pay particular attention to the safety instructions of the device manufacturer.

Video Board: ?Pay Attention on How to use the Waver Vibration Plate ?