Oscillating window prices and facts

Most builders know swing windows only as slanted skylights. But this type of window can do much more. The center-mounted axis allows for a swing window almost complete folding. Since the windows can be fully opened without clearing the windowsill, they are ideal for ventilation.

Prices for swing windows

Even with swing windows, whether for a roof installation or a vertical installation, there are very significant differences in quality. The same window also costs a different price for the different manufacturers depending on the regional situation. Here is a small overview of the three common quality classes for swing windows.

For our sample prices, we each used a window in the popular size of 78 x 118 centimeters. In the aluminum version, there are usually only roof windows, which are not comparable to the windows listed here.

  • simple execution in wood 200 to 250 euros
  • Medium execution in wood 250 to 350 euros
  • excellent execution in wood 350 - 600 euros
  • simple execution in plastic 200 to 300 euros
  • Medium version in plastic 280 to 400 euros
  • excellent execution in plastic 400 - 600 euros

Light and shadow

Like any construction, the swing windows also have advantages and disadvantages when installed vertically. Especially popular were swinging or turning windows in the 1970s. After that, they quickly lost their importance because of their slightly broader frame.

The frame is often designed a little wider today than in a comparable turn and tilt window. However, the windows also offer a good insulation effect.

window height

Whether it pays to install one of the practical swing windows in the living area, is mainly due to how much space in the vertical direction is available. If the swinging windows are not high enough, they look like loopholes and tall inhabitants look up against the upper edge while standing.

Tips & Tricks

With good thermal insulation glazing, the wing becomes very heavy in a large swing window. The technique of the window has to withstand these requirements for a long time and also the user has to be able to handle this window.

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