Vibration corrosion: What is it and how does it arise?

Loads from rotating or moving parts can become so great that vibration crack corrosion occurs. But that does not always apply to all materials. You can read about the preconditions for this and what you can do to avoid vibration cracking corrosion.

Description of vibration crack corrosion

If components vibrate regularly or are loaded by rotational movements, it may cause the occurrence of vibration cracking corrosion. This can be the case in various forms:

  • Alternating bending loads are vibrations in the component caused by alternating bending loads on two sides
  • Torsion stresses occur when a workpiece is twisted by itself under the action of force, and thereby vibrates
  • Umlaufbiegebelastungen usually arise in rotating shafts, are exerted on the forces

Requirements for vibration crack corrosion

Vibration crack corrosion does not always occur on every material. For this, appropriate conditions must exist.

Material requirements

The material depends not only on the material or the alloy, but also on the composition of the structure, which must be taken into account. Materials that do not tend to undergo transcrystalline or intercrystalline corrosion are usually unaffected by vibration crack corrosion.

The surface condition and treatment of the component also plays a role in the development of vibration crack corrosion.

general requirements

In most cases, the vibration or the applied force must exceed a certain value so that intercrystalline corrosion can take place.

corrosion media

In most cases, vibration crack corrosion occurs only when corrosive media are present in the vicinity of the component or act on it. Which media are corrosive depends on the material and the alloy of the component.

In the main, either strong acids or bases, but also certain salt corrosive effect on many substances. In question, but also certain gases, especially corrosive gas compounds. Their temperature and their flow speed play an important role.

Tips & Tricks

Transcrystalline and intergranular corrosion is not visible from the outside. This makes the action so dangerous because the corrosion seems to occur suddenly.

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