Vibration plate: is there an alternative?

If you only want to level a little way, or just have to compact the ground for a small foundation, you are often annoyed by the fact that you have to lend a vibrating plate. Whether there is a viable alternative, and what you always have to think about, read here.

Performance characteristics of a vibrating plate

Vibratory plates bring a tremendous compaction performance:

  • on the plate a weight of 1,000 - 10,000 kg is brought
  • Even simple panels work with around 5,000 bumps per minute
  • The weight of the vibrator itself is already at least 50 kg

This compaction performance is difficult to reach with other equipment where it is needed. Even a vibratory rammer brings only a fraction of the weight to the area to be compacted.

In addition, loose, non-cohesive soils can not be shaken evenly with a stacker steamer (such as gravel or grit bedding). With a hand rammer (concrete rammer), you can only compress very little - he just brings a weight of about 10 kg on the scales.

Application areas for compaction

In most cases, compaction becomes necessary where a substructure for a foundation or pavement has to be created.

Small areas that you want to pave usually do not need very high compaction. A compaction of the subsoil always serves to increase the load capacity: where no particularly high load capacity is required, the compaction does not need to be particularly high either.

In areas that are difficult to access, you can also condense with a vibratory rammer or even a hand rammer. All you have to do then is make sure that you apply very little layer heights before you compact.

While a vibrating plate can still compact layers of 30 - 40 cm thickness, you can lay with vibrating rammers or hand rammers with maximum layer thicknesses of 10 cm. If you spend a little effort, but also achieved in this way a reasonably clean compaction, which is sufficient for a substructure. Only if you want to drive the paved areas later, a use of a vibrating plate is absolutely necessary.

Tips & Tricks

In problematic areas, you should better put the substructure yourself - GaLa contractors often even refuse to work in such areas or charge disproportionately high costs because of the high cost.

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