Look into the sofa: Which feathers are in the couch?

For a pleasant flexibility while sitting and lying, the feathers in the couch. They are located somewhere between the base frame and the textile cover, in the form of a spring suspension and / or a padded suspension. So that means: Either the pad is on the springs - or it contains them - or both. The feathers themselves can take quite different forms.

The suspension: nosag springs or rubber straps

In most cases, the lower springs are made of corrugated spring steel wires stretched across the seat. This type of suspension is called nosag or wave suspension.

Sometimes the sofas manufacturer also uses taut rubber straps to create a resilient surface. Alternatively, slats are used, flexible wood, which can also be found in the slatted base of the bed.

In this way, a good basis for comfortable sitting already arises. But a padded edition is still needed in any case, in which one can sink properly.

The padded suspension: the buttery icing on the cake

Not always has the couch cushion springs in the true sense, many sofas are nowadays also equipped with a simple foam padding. It was the most modern upholstery variant, which is available in different qualities.

Historic sofas and pieces of jewelery made of real craftsmanship still have a laced suspension: Springs are carefully placed on the base suspension and with the help of laces intricately interwoven with each other. Height and hardness can be adjusted during lacing.

But most likely, your couch will contain a spring core made of bonell feathers or spring spirals. Here again we register many different quality and degrees of hardness: Try it out on the spot in the furniture shop!

Which springs should I choose?

The most durable and comfortable variant is still the laced suspension, however, it is very rare today and is usually only for a high price to have.

Foam cushion and spring core occur in different quality levels, so that they can not be compared globally. However, foams are generally highly flammable, more moldy and have a much lower dead weight.

Tips & Tricks

Sitting comfort can not be discussed theoretically, it must be tested and felt! So go for a trial seat in the furniture shop, but always inquire about the longevity of the respective couch springs.

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