Privacy - Protect your property from strangers eyes

A privacy fence not only looks nice, but also protects against prying eyes. If you want to enjoy your free time in the garden or on the terrace on a sunny afternoon in summer, a direct eye contact with the neighbor or passers-by on the sidewalk can be perceived as unpleasant and disturbing. In such a case, a structural demarcation of the property by a privacy screen secures the privacy.

Full or Interrupted Privacy - Tips for Home Privacy

The terrace or the whole garden - the desires for a secure privacy are limitless. The term of privacy should not be too narrow. Strictly speaking, a privacy-proof fence with a minimum height of 1.80 meters is understood to mean a privacy screen. At certain points, however, some perviousness is desired. The combination of opaque and slightly transparent fences offers sophisticated design possibilities.

Materials for privacy - the combination makes the difference

Privacy - Protect your property from strangers eyes: property

Even inside the property, a privacy screen creates a cozy atmosphere

A privacy fence should not only protect against indiscreet glances, but also be decorative. For this he has to fit into the existing ambience and enrich it. There are various materials to choose from. With solid stone, concrete slabs, woven wooden walls, gabions with decorative splits and last but not least the green hedge, discreet and at the same time decorative areas can be created in the garden.

To optimally beautify every area of ​​your garden, a mix of different materials is worthwhile. A stone wall looks massive and gives stability. With a wooden fence, the dining area can be protected not only from foreign eyes, but also from disturbing wind. Even with different heights in the privacy you create a welcome change and enriches the garden with contrasts.

Screen elements made of glass - stylish and modern

Wall elements made of opaque glass enjoy particular popularity. They are preferably used on terraces and balconies, adding a touch of elegance to the ambience. Available are glass walls in various shades such as blue, anthracite, gray and bronze. Motif prints such as flowers, reed, bamboo and stripe decor are also available. Glass is also easy to clean and a material with high resistance. Sun and rain, ice and snow can not harm glass.

The mounting - Screening made easy yourself

Most privacy fences can be assembled by yourself. If gabions are filled with chippings or if a stone wall is to be erected, a supporting foundation is important. On the other hand, screens made of wood and plastic can be erected simply and quickly. For this, stanchions are mounted in the floor, where the wall panels are subsequently fixed. The erection of the posts takes place either with concrete concrete piers or with ground spikes.

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