Lay vinyl flooring in the bathroom instead of or on tiles

If it is planned to lay a vinyl floor in the bathroom, the use of full vinyl is recommended. Klick Vinyl is applied to a substrate that, like laminate, reacts to sources of moisture when wet. Full vinyl is waterproof and can be a good alternative or cover for ceramic tiles.

Vinyl floor or tiles

In a bathroom in the new building can be laid in addition to the usual tiles and vinyl floor. In order to produce the necessary foot heat and sound insulation in a bathroom without tiles, an additional floor insulation is recommended. It can already be integrated in thicker vinyl floors or converted to the vinyl by laying out insulating mats.

In existing baths, in the majority of cases, the existing floor tiles are covered. The laying of vinyl flooring on tiles is easily possible if sufficient and thorough balancing of the floor is carried out beforehand.

How To Lay Vinyl Floor In The Bath

  • Leveling compound for joints or total floor
  • Glue
  • abrasive
  • Moisture-proof vinyl panels or sheets
  • spatula
  • Cutter or wallpaper knife
  • grinding machine

1. Plan construction

Depending on the thickness of the vinyl floor you choose, you have to consider three to nine millimeters of material thickness plus the leveling compound and adhesive layer. If you have to save height, you only compensate for the joints, which, however, involves more effort than a complete floor leveling.

2. Balance joints

Fill the cleaned and dry joints with waterproof grout. For calibrated tiles, the leveling compound must completely cover the rounded edges of the joints. After drying, grind the mass to the height of the tiles to the nearest millimeter. For tiles with structure, this method is not suitable.

3. Balance tiled floor

The complete tiled floor is leveled out with liquid leveling compound, which you can run over the tiles in the liquid state. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.

4. Pre-storage and acclimatization

Before laying the dry laid, sized and cut vinyl sheets or plates, let the vinyl rest in the normal heated bath for at least 24 hours. Do not use the bath during this period.

5. Bond vinyl tiles

Glue the vinyl tiles according to the manufacturer's instructions.

6. Lay web goods

Lay the sheet material according to the instructions of the adhesive manufacturer.

Tips & Tricks

A modern vinyl floor can also be installed in a bathroom with underfloor heating.

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