Virtual room planner - alternative to the drawing board ?!

When it comes to the floor plans and spatial planning of the new home, you can quickly reach its design limits with paper, pen and moderate drawing talent. We show how the Home Designer by RoomSketcher is interactive, professional and impressively alive.

Build dream houses (almost), like an architect

Their choice is manageable, at least for the tools that are also suitable for users who have fairly modest experience in the construction industry. We looked at the current room planners, who could be of use primarily to budding home builders or homeowners who are facing a complex modernization of their property. Importance was placed on ease of use with a well-manageable user interface, but still leaving enough space for as many individual design options as possible, including a professional visualization of interior design ideas.

Home designer for living in the countryside

RoomSketcher, we must honestly admit, was a rather accidental discovery for us, even though this floor plan and room planner, which we are happy to design for parts of the grounds of built properties, garden ponds, tool sheds, and elaborate patio decorations, has been successful for ten years is in the market. Developed in Norway, private builders and commercial clients from the construction and real estate industries worldwide have designed more than two million PC and tablet projects, including those of ours.

Sign up for free and start the first draft

The first steps from the floor plan to the final design of your new family home can, depending on personal needs, already be done with the free version and the included object library with thousands of furniture and home accessories. RoomSketchern is up-to-the-minute in the cloud, which saves software installation but requires a stable online connection. Planning and decorating with the Home Designer App, which is available via a free download for Windows computers, Macs and Android tablets, is much more comfortable.

Mouse slipped with walls, windows and doors to the floor plan

The handling by mouse, as well as the pushing of the individual objects with the (skilled) fingers works already after a relatively short time of getting used easily and without problems. The user menu is self-explanatory and clear, so that start-up aids such as manuals can be dispensed with. However, if you did not have anything to do with drawing floor plans, we recommend that you first look at the three short videos in the help area. Rather than starting with the design of a complete two-story home, it may be easier to initially devote yourself to a single room designed with a few objects from the database.

Top equipment already with the free version

RoomSketcher kindly provided us with a test account of the VIP version upon request. Our short video shows you the first steps to your virtual dream house. Free, VIP or Pro differ, as is not uncommon in software, with the number of built-in functions and hence the price. However, even the free planner contains everything to present the floor plan, the interior design with the furniture as well as the rough planning in the exterior of the property in a visually high-quality 2-D design. If you need it in a comfortable 360 ​​° panorama view, different and even walk-in live 3-D perspectives, as well as with dimensions and a color-changeable interior, the RoomSketcher VIP license is well-advised. The overview shows the details of the three equipment packages.

RoomSketcher FreeRoomSketcher VIP ($ 49 / year)RoomSketcher Pro ($ 99 / year)
Home Designer for PC, Mac and Tabletlike Free plus 20 credits as well as:like VIP plus 55 credits as well as:
snapshotsLive 3-D floor plansOwn logo can be integrated
Device with real objects can be planned (furniture, etc.)dimensionsColor the floor plans according to color
Print floor plans in scaleDiscount at the sign service
Furniture colors changeableDisplay or trace templates
Calculate total area
chargeable additional services for credits
3-D layouts3-D layouts
3-D Photos3-D Photos
360° -Panoramaansichten360° -Panoramaansichten

Pay only for options that are actually needed

Which in turn means that you will not be asked to pay for unused additional services. So there are no stumbling blocks in the notorious small print, but transparent payment options, if you want to use, for example, the in-house sign service of Norwegians for your project or other special options. What exactly the credits are about and how they charge your user account is summarized in the cost overview.

Which version is suitable for whom?

Anyone who builds new or refurbished his residential property - no matter whether house or apartment - should definitely take a good look at the RoomSketcher. The path to an architect's office will not be spared with the self-styled dream house model. However, with the help of their floor plans and detailed spatial structures, you can already incorporate all the important details into the initial planning discussions with the construction experts. The VIP version, with its fair price-performance ratio, includes all the functions that are necessary for this. The license is valid for one year, but will not be automatic, but CAN be extended by the user for another 12 months. For all those who work and design more intensively on construction projects or are commercially active in the industry, an annual license of the Pro version is recommended.

Tips & Tricks

Anyone who wants to sell their own house without loss of value and as quickly as possible knows that the search for prospective customers but also the performance of countless viewing appointments can take quite a lot of time and nerves. Thanks to RoomSketchers' visually impressive VIP and Pro features, you can more effectively engage with potential prospects by inviting you to a virtual 360° home visit or sharing the Live 3-D floor plan on social networks.

Product Image: Merkushev Vasiliy / Shutterstock

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