Plaster the attractive side of the stairs

The visible side of a staircase often does not look very nice, in many cases the viewer looks at pure concrete. With a nice plaster, this surface can be dressed in a stylish way, many different plaster structures are available. A plastered side surface can also be retrospectively colored - and is used outdoors as an additional weather protection.

Plaster the visible side of the concrete staircase

If the visible side of your staircase is concrete, you should first clean the surface thoroughly and scrub it with the root brush. Then a special primer for concrete is recommended, which ensures the necessary adhesion of the plaster.

Some systems for concrete plaster still contain a thin concealed plaster, which is removed with a notched trowel. Inquire about the possibilities and choose the best system for your project.

The finishing coat can be designed in a very own, creative way - or applied in the classic way of friction plastering. If in doubt, simply try out your desired structure on an old Rigips or wood panel.

Cleaning methods for the stairs

  • Rolling plaster is wonderfully easy to apply with the roller and then continue to work as desired. Use different structure tools for surface treatment.
  • Rubbing plaster of the classical kind is not easy to apply. It must first be subtracted exactly to grain size before it is properly triturated. Experienced DIY enthusiasts bring the classic fast and clean on the wall.
  • Structure plaster is also suitable for brush or puff application. The material can be easily processed and applied in many different patterns.

The disadvantage of plastered surfaces

Keep in mind that mineral or synthetic resin-based plasters are almost impossible to remove from the wall. In rented apartments, which after the move should look as good as before, the plastering of the stairs would not be more appropriate.

If, as a tenant, you still want to plaster surfaces in your home, then discuss this with your landlord before: Maybe you can be amicably agreed.

Tips & Tricks

Especially the structured surface of a plastered staircase lends itself to the application of lively color glazes. Simply dip a sponge in a very diluted paint and dab or rub your new plastered wall with it.

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