Fair-faced concrete floor - resistant and with interesting appearance

The so-called industrial design is again very much in vogue. Thus, exposed concrete surfaces are again modern - not only on walls but also on the floors. Fairfaced concrete has some advantages, including that it is very robust. Read more here.

Diverse optics

The surface of exposed concrete can be designed very differently. In most cases, it bears little resemblance to the surface of used concrete. The look can be changed on the exposed concrete floor by changing the concrete mix.

In particular, the aggregates decide on the future appearance of the soil. He comes here the biggest importance. In addition, the exposed concrete can of course also be colored.

About the type of cut you can then determine the look of the soil even further. A coarse grinding results in a completely different look than a fine finish, in which the floor is completely smooth.

Even a floor with different color zones can be created. So you can tune the floor in exposed concrete optics entirely to the ambience of the living room. It is interesting that the color pigments of the soil do not wear off due to abrasion - the concrete floor looks like the first day even after decades.

Protection by impregnation

Floors in exposed concrete optics are very robust, and generally insensitive to damage on the whole. But problematic is the pollution of the soil - dirt particles can penetrate into the concrete, and provide for irreversible discoloration.

For this reason, a floor made of exposed concrete should in any case be impregnated. That makes it resistant to any kind of pollution.

cost factors

At first glance, a floor in exposed concrete looks very cheap - no additional flooring is needed, and the concrete floor will last for many decades and does not need to be replaced.

Conversely, it should be remembered that you can not produce a floor in exposed concrete optics in the rule. Professionals are needed, the workload is also very high.

Depending on the type and complexity of the design of the floor in exposed concrete optics can then be quite expensive in the end - even more expensive than one of the conventional Bodenvarianten.Bedenken here but also that you may need to replace other floor coverings at intervals of several years over and over again - This also causes costs and effort.

Tips & Tricks

Calculate carefully when considering the purchase of a floor in exposed concrete optics. In some cases, the higher price can pay off, in other cases, however, a fair-faced concrete floor is again uneconomic. Be sure to consult a specialist in detail.

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