Ceran field or glass ceramic?

Again and again there is confusion regarding the terms glass ceramic, ceramic and induction cooker. Which term designates what, and how to differentiate the differences, you will learn in this article. In addition, which special characteristics each Herdart has.


Glass ceramic is the general material name for a special glass. It is not a combination of glass and ceramics, but a special form of glass making that creates a "ceramic" condition.

The conventional glass is thereby converted into a special crystalline state during the melt, which gives it different properties than ordinary glass has.

Typical properties of glass ceramic

Depending on the starting materials, there are many different glass-ceramic materials. Most commonly used, however, is a mixture of

  • lithium oxide
  • alumina
  • silica
temperature stability

This so-called LAS system (lithium-aluminum-silicon) is particularly temperature-resistant, and also withstands temperature shocks (up to 750° C temperature difference) very well. In the initial form, the material has a negative coefficient of thermal expansion, that is, it contracts when heated (rather than expanding).

For use as a glass ceramic in cooktops, the material is adjusted so that it does not undergo any expansion or contraction in the temperature ranges occurring there, ie it remains stable under heat.

heat conduction

Glass ceramic is highly permeable to heat radiation (infrared radiation). The heat of the hob is thereby passed directly to the bottom of the pot, and barely to the side. This results in a faster and much more energy efficient transfer of heat to the pot.

ceramic hob

The brand name Ceran is used only by a manufacturer (Schott in Mainz). But there are many other glass ceramic fields with comparable properties, but occasionally lower quality.

induction cooker

Induction cookers create a magnetic field that leads to heating of the pot. Therefore, only special pots with special magnetic properties may be used for induction cookers. An induction cooker may also have a glass-ceramic surface.

Conventional, non-inductive ceramics herd in contrast, however, heat with ordinary heating coils. On them you can use almost all kinds of pots.

The difference between induction cooker and ordinary ceramic hob is thus in the way of heating.

Tips & Tricks

In recent years, more and more gas-fired ceramics herd come in the trade, in which the plate is heated by a gas flame. Even wood stove stove with ceramic hob is possible today.

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