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In Africa, the Vuvuzela is simply a football game. At the WM2010 the trumpet conquers the whole world.

Uwe Seeler knows every German football fan, but a vuvuzela did not know anybody until recently. We give you tips on how to build the fan-reed for the World Cup in just a few minutes and whether the trumpet is allowed in Germany at all. In addition, we show you a free Vuvuzela app for the iPhone.

The individual cities in Germany are already discussing violently whether the noisy African-born squirrels are allowed to watch packs (Old High German: Public Viewing) or not. The first cities have already reacted to the noise pollution and issued an official ban on vuvuzela. The reason for this is above all the danger of hearing damage as well as the likelihood that the noise makes various emergency announcements unrecognizable and ignored.

The African wind instrument, however, makes no secret of its power. Because the word Vuvuzela comes from the African Bantu language and means something like "making noise". No wonder then, that the football players of the 2010 World Cup will certainly experience the loudest World Cup ever, thanks to the Vuvuzelas.

In the following video you can get an idea about the possible noise level of the Cape-Trotter.

So loud is a vuvuzela

The African fan-tail will live up to its name. This can already be seen from the decibel figures that can be reached by just one. From 100 decibels you should better wear a hearing protection to prevent long-term consequences. Therefore, construction workers also wear appropriate headphones when working with leaf blowers or chainsaws, as these can reach a decibel value of 110.

Vuvuzelas top these values ​​and reach with 120 decibels the absolute pain threshold. From here, the noise hurts in the ears and late damage are preprogrammed without adequate protection after a long time.

By the way, jet jets achieve absolute top values ​​with 150 decibels...

Build Vuvuzela yourself

Prohibition and noise nuisance or not: We want to show you how to build a vuvuzela yourself, or how to create at least a fake, which you can bring unnoticed even in Cologne to pack look. Because honestly: To real Vuvuzelas it is not in our presented craft instructions, since they are made of either sheet metal or plastic. So if you do not feel like imitation, but prefer to stand on the real noise, should look around at Amazon:

Making vuvuzela from a cereal box:

Compliments to the operators of who show in a video tutorial how to make a fan trumpet from their muesli packaging with just a few means. Of course, you can also use the crafting instructions without buying a cereal mix before, all you need is:

Everything you need for the MyMüsli Vuvuzela:

  • a round box. Diameter about 10 cm; 20cm high
  • second round box. Diameter about 5 cm; 25 cm high
  • Armored tape / tape
  • two household gums
  • Fruschhaltefolie

Here is the video tutorial:

Here you will find more craft instructions on the subject Build Vuvuzela yourself

Vuvuzela app for the iPhone or iPad

Everyone who has an iphone or an ipad can download a virtual vuvuzela for free

Already heard? We want to build a Germany-wide motorcade where you can participate and win. Have a look ?

Video Board: How To Make Pringles Vuvuzela Ft. Shanice Shrestha