Reorder the VW key

Anyone who wants to reorder a VW key can do so in any authorized repair shop. Vehicle years before 2000, however, can be difficult to obtain. In this case, there are possibilities that are also applicable to newer locks.

radio key

Similar to all other manufacturers, the current radio keys at VW are at the same time responsible for opening the vehicle, for the electronic unlocking of the immobilizer and for the sparking of data. A modern radio key at VW consists of four parts.

  • bit
  • Transponder for immobilizer
  • Radio unit or chip
  • key cabinet

The cost of reordering a key depends first on the key type. A mechanical key without a radio unit only needs the right transponder for the immobilizer. At VW, these copies are usually offered between twenty and eighty euros.

For a complete remote control key with all functions, the authorized repairers of VW charge between one hundred and two hundred euros. In addition to the programming effort, the type of vehicle, the year of manufacture and the functional scope of the radio control are decisive.

Mechanical keys

VW keys without radio unit such as workshop keys can also be reordered. They release the central locking system at the driver's lock by opening the door. The suitable transponder deactivates the immobilizer.

Flexible authorized workshops offer to take over only the programming of transponders and possibly a radio unit. Who makes the key blank about, for example, a locksmith can get away less expensive up to half. The written, documented programming by the authorized workshop is the same as the re-ordering of an original key.

Tips & Tricks

If you need a key for a VW older year of construction, you can ask in addition to independent repair shops and locksmiths. A special feature of old VW locks from the 1980s and early 1990s is the high level of wear. Often the locks are so worn out, that the attempt to open the door with several old keys - for example from the junkyard - can be worthwhile.

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