Wacker vibrating plate: What to pay attention to when changing the oil

For vibratory plates, much more attention must be paid to oil changes than with other implements. When to change, which oil to use, and how to check the oil level, read our article.

Vibrating plates and oil level

Too old oil or too little oil can have fatal consequences for vibrating plates: the exciter - ie the shaft with the imbalances - always needs enough fresh oil to work.

Otherwise, damage to the pathogen can occur. For many older vibratory plates that means a total loss, with modern vibrating plates, after all, an expensive and time-consuming repair. The control of the oil level and the regular oil changes are so very important.

When to change oil?

Basically, there are two times when oil should be changed:

  • after the first 20 hours of use
  • every 100 operating hours

That is a rule of thumb that is almost always true. Deviating from this, manufacturers can demand even more frequent or special oil change times in the maintenance plan. Such instructions should then necessarily follow.

Which oil to use?

Again, you should definitely stick to the manufacturer's instructions. The type of oil and in particular the viscosity often depends on the prevailing temperatures.

Again, there are certain rules of thumb that you can stick to.

  • in summer at higher temperatures (over 25° C) SAE 10W-30
  • at temperatures below 25° C but above 10° C SAE 10W-30 or SAE 10 W-20 should be used
  • at temperatures around freezing or lower, SAE 10W-10 is often recommended

Basically, however: the higher the oil and the better for the lubrication of the vibrating plate, With SAE 10W-40 you do not go wrong under tough conditions.

In any case, you should always follow the instructions given by the manufacturer!

Check oil level

The oil level should be checked regularly. If necessary, oil will be refilled if the oil level is too low.

The oil control must be carried out after a sufficiently long service life (at least 10 hours), the vibrating plate must be placed on level and flat ground. With the dipstick you can then check the oil level (just plug it in, do not screw it tight!) And top up the oil if the oil level is too low.

Tips & Tricks

Damage to the vibrating plate due to low oil level will void the warranty of many manufacturers - the maintenance plan must always be kept as accurate as possible!

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