Clean waffle iron - 5 quick solutions

After a big load of delicious waffles, it's usually time to clean up the waffle iron. Thanks to the waffle structure on the plates, cleaning is often not easy, but there are practical tricks to reduce brushing. Here we show you how to clean the different waffle irons with and without coating.

Immediate cleaning

The best solution is always to clean the waffle iron immediately after use, so that the dough does not even dry out. Of course, that usually ruins the cozy afternoon coffee with waffles. So here are five tricks on how to clean the waffle iron later.

1. Bake cleaning waffle
2. Clean with oil and kitchen paper
3. toothbrush
4. Oven spray
5. baking soda and water

1. Cleaning waffle

If the waffle iron is heavily soiled after baking, you can bake a so-called cleaning waffle. Add some fat to the dough and bake until it is relatively dry. The waffle may be a little too dark. Then the fat bakes out and you can easily wipe it off with soft kitchen paper. If there is no dough left, you can also use our cleaning tip # 5, which is made similar.

2. Oil and kitchen paper

Let the iron get a little warm and add cooking oil to the plates. You can then simply wipe off the oil with kitchen paper. If any remains of dough are stuck in hard-to-reach places, just use a soft toothbrush.

3. toothbrush

If the iron is coated, you should carefully clean the structure of the iron plates with a soft toothbrush and plenty of grease. For a cast-iron waffle iron that has no coating on it, you can rub it with a coarse brush. However, you should always grease this well later.

4. Oven spray

This method is only for soiled waffle irons that have no coating. It is ideal if your waffle iron has removable baking plates, since the oven spray needs to be rinsed with plenty of water if possible. However, if the panels are not removable, it is difficult to get any water into the housing.

5. baking powder

Here you mix baking soda with a little water until you have a more or less dry paste. The mass should be slightly drier than the usual dough mass for waffles. If your waffle iron bakes lightly, you can also add some fat. The fat later bakes out of the baking powder slab and is wiped with kitchen paper as described above. As a result, however, the waffle iron always remains a little greasy and will not stick so easily on the next use.

Tips & Tricks

Before you buy a new waffle iron, you should make sure that the plates can be removed for cleaning. So you can soak the plates in peace and rinse.

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