Install a walk-in shower - that's how it's done!

Required material:

  • Demolition Tools
  • mortar
  • Bitumen painting, brush
  • floor drain
  • Floor and wall tiles
  • Tile adhesive, grout
  • Jointing silicone, sanitary sealant

Step 1

The installation of a walk-in shower is not just a visual enhancement to a bathroom. Even a barrier-free bathroom can be achieved. To install a walk-in shower, you should first remove the existing shower. If the new shower is to be installed in the same place, the water connections and drain must not be removed. When demolition, however, you should take care that the pipes are not damaged. At the same time as demolition, the necessary gradient in the shower can be created. You can do this either by flattening the bottom in the shower area towards the bottom drain, or by raising the tile level in the entire bathroom. A gradient of about 2 centimeters is not perceived when using the shower and still ensures optimal water drainage.

step 2

Holes, which were created by the demolition, now close with the help of the mortar. After it has been allowed to dry for a long enough time, you should seal the substrate and the walls of the shower. This is ideally done with a bitumen paint. Apply with a suitable brush. Spread the entire shower floor and the adjacent walls about 15 centimeters high in multiple coats of bitumen paint. Also around the bottom drain distribute the sealant to avoid water damage. Installing a walk-in shower requires careful work here.

Install a walk-in shower - that's how it's done!: done

step 3

Now you can lay the tiles after the bitumen has dried. Start with the floor tiles, paying attention to the slope. Incorrect routing can lead to the wrong flow direction. The wall tiles are placed on the floor tiles. This creates a supernatant that prevents harmful water deposits. Seal the wall-floor joint with jointing silicone or special sanitary sealant. The remaining tile joints can be filled with a simple grout. Done is the installation of the walk-in shower!

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