Protect walk-in closet from dust and dirt

Since the garments hang or lie open in the room in a walk-in closet, the danger is greater that they will dust. We'll give you some tips on how to prevent this.

How does the dust get into the closet?

Of course, dust does not come from nothing, it always comes from somewhere, mostly from outside. The two main causes of dust in a walk-in closet are windows and dirty clothes.

What to do to make it less dusty in the closet?

  • Do not take off your dirty clothes in the walk-in closet! Instead, dress in the bedroom and then go into the closet to pick a new outfit.
  • Do not store dirty clothes in the walk-in closet! Leave the bin or bin for dirt in the bedroom. If you sometimes donate things twice, you can set up a special area in the closet for already worn lingerie. This area should be separated from the rest with fabric or cabinet doors. Hang the used things on best, so that they can ventilate, because already carried laundry steams out.
  • If your walk-in closet does not reach the ceiling, the dust can also get into the closet from the bedroom. You can easily prevent this by stretching a large cloth over the cabinet, inserting a second cover, so to speak. This not only stops the dust, but also looks modern and creative.
  • Pack things that you do not need for the current season (such as ski clothing) outside the walk-in closet in plastic bags and then store them in the closet.
  • Even if it is not fun: regularly vacuuming and dusting is probably the most important measure to keep the walk-in closet dust-free. Because a certain amount of dust will accumulate there despite all precautionary measures. So, once a week, vacuum your cupboard (including the corners!) And wipe the shelves, racks, and clothes rails with a damp cloth. Be sure to use a damp cloth, because with a dry one you only stir up the dust instead of removing it.

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