Drive a walking excavator - that's how you can learn it

Large and heavy construction machines, especially earthmoving machines, already exert a great fascination for many people. Once again something very special is the walking excavator: digging in a daring way in steep slopes is here worked, the excavator is doing almost incredible entanglements in the situation. Where to learn to drive, read here.

Walking excavator

Except for the Beien the walking excavator is like a very ordinary excavator, as it is known from construction sites. The legs, however, are something very special in the walking excavator: instead of a wheel or track drive sit on the walking excavator below the cab so-called "walking legs", which can be controlled completely independently and are extremely flexible.

So you can still come forward in very difficult terrain or find a stable position. On each "Radbein" are in fact also additionally Abstützfüsse.

Ground clearance of up to 1.5 m and tidal depths of up to 2 m are possible with walking excavators, the heavier models weigh up to 10 t. Walking excavators are even able to hoist themselves onto the back of a truck thanks to their special mode of locomotion (walking).

Men's playgrounds

Driving a heavy excavator or wheel loader is the dream of many "real guys". The experience you can treat yourself - on so-called male playgrounds.

There heavy equipment is on weekends around and can be extensively tested for a few hours in an open-pit environment. The pleasure is not cheap (about 120 EUR per hour) and appointments are often rare in the popular construction equipment on the weekends, but at least you can experience the fun with a little patience and change.

A peculiarity like the walking excavator can not be found on such playgrounds. It would also be far too dangerous, because in the areas in which walking excavators are usually found, a lot of feeling and experience is needed to move safely and not crash.

Training for driving a walking excavator

Basically, would be sufficient for the construction site use a corresponding Beschähigungunsnachweis for guiding earthmoving machines, on the road, the excavators are normally not moved.

However, real training is available only from the main manufacturer Menzi Muck in Switzerland, who also offers driving training and courses for this particular excavator. Anyone who wants to drive a walking excavator, however, should bring along a very high degree of coordination - and a penchant for electronic operating aids, without which you can hardly move.

Tips & Tricks

Also at THW, some walking excavators have long been in use as a so-called rescue spider.

Video Board: How to Operate an Excavator (ep. 063)