Set up a wall

In particular, interior walls are usually no longer masonry, but retracted as a drywall. How to set up a wall or mount the stand. You can read through the following instructions step by step.

First considerations before setting up the wall

To set up a wall as a drywall, you can run the framework in wood or metal. Everything you need to know about the interior wall in timber frame construction, you can read here. Conventionally, metal profiles are used anyway.

How high must the load-bearing capacity of the erected wall be?

Depending on your individual requirements, the need for uprights may vary. Conventionally, the CW profiles are set up analogously to the width of the drywall panels, so with a central distance for 1,250 mm. If the drywall is to be double-planked and the wall has a higher load-bearing capacity, it is recommended to install twice as many CW stands at half normal distance.

Other important aspects that are crucial before setting up the stud

In addition, many other aspects must be taken into account, which may also depend on whether you want to set up the wall in an existing or new building:

  • Drywall on screed or on flooring
  • Drywall with or without ceiling connection
  • Drywall on underfloor heating or without underfloor heating

These are just a few of the important aspects. Good planning of the drywall is therefore absolutely necessary.

Step-by-step instructions for setting up a wall (drywall)

  • UW profiles (ceiling and floor)
  • CW profiles (stands)
  • possibly corresponding profiles for door opening
  • Insulating tape for floor, ceiling and side wall connections
  • Drywall screws
  • insulation
  • possibly installation material (in case of required plumbing and electrical installations in the erected wall)
  • drywall
  • putty
  • impact drill
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • Measuring tool (guideline, measuring tape, etc.)
  • spirit level
  • trowel
  • possibly installation tool (plumbing and electrical)

1.) Preparatory work

First, it measures and aligns where the wall should be placed exactly. Here you can already glue the Dämmband on the floor, in order to mark the course at the same time.

2.) Mounting the floor and ceiling profiles

Now the UW profiles for floor and ceiling are cut and assembled. With underfloor heating, the profiles are glued, without underfloor heating, you can also be screwed.

3.) Mounting the profiles on the wall connections and setting up the stands

Thereafter, the stand profiles can be cut to the wall connections and as a stand, aligned and fixed. At the wall connections also Dämmbänder between profiles and walls are mounted.

4.) Further work

Now the first side of the drywall walled on both sides can be covered with plasterboard or other drywall panels. Subsequently, insulation and installations are done, in order to disguise then also the second side. Finally, the drywall panels are still grouted and filled.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to integrate a door into the drywall, you can read this in the linked guidebook in detail.

Product Image: Arturs Budkevics / Shutterstock

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