Wall chaser comparison 2018

Purchase advice for wall chaser comparison or test 2018

  • With the wall chaser horizontal and vertical grooves can be driven into walls. In these later power lines are placed. Curve cuts are not possible.
  • Two extra hard diamond blades are needed for the cuts. They cut parallel to each other in the wall. The gap is subsequently cleared with a chisel.
  • When operating this power tool, numerous safety instructions must be observed. Improper use can cause serious injury. Nevertheless, do-it-yourselfers are basically capable of handling the device.

Wall chaser comparison 2018: device

Since household electricity has been used, cables must be laid in the walls. This is quite challenging in hard masonry, but talented do-it-yourselfers can also achieve good results with a suitable masonry tiller (also known as a wall slot cutter, slotted router, wall cutter or wall cutter).

To drive the groove for cables in the wall, the router has two diamond discs, They drive parallel to each other two cuts in the stone. Finally, by hand and by means of a chisel (sometimes included) removed what the blades have left in the space.

Although Stiftung Warentest has not carried out a wall chisel test yet, in our Grooving Comparison 2018 you will find well-known brands and the best wall chasers, from the winner of the comparison to the price-performance winner, as well as corresponding purchase advice.

1. The engine does it

1.1. Groove depth and groove width

Well planned is half won

Before buying a masonry router, think about how many cables should be in a bay at most. Multiple cables require a wide groove.

The groove width results from the distance of the cutting discs to each other, There is always a minimum width here. Otherwise, the discs would rub directly against each other.

The groove depth results from how deep the cutting disc can be immersed in the masonry, We recommend that you reach for a device with a depth of 30 mm or more. This value also gives an indication of the strength of the motor.

1.2. Power and idle speed

Power consumption describes how much power the machine consumes via the power cord. Common are 1,500 to 2,000 watts (W). A device However, with high consumption is not necessarily stronger. The quality of the engine makes the difference in this category and decides whether the slot cutter for cable ducts can easily be milled into the hardest wall.

Wall chaser comparison 2018: 2018

By the way: With a practical tool case, the device is always stowed away in the workshop to save space. It is supplied as standard with almost all manufacturers.

The situation is similar with the idle speed: Here you will learn how many turns the cutting wheel per minute lying down. Cheap Grooving Cutters often only make for around 4,000 rpm, powerful tools up to the 10,000, but even these figures should be treated with caution. Some engines are slow, but still bite through hard concrete, while others slow down when they hit too hard material.

A You will need expensive wall milling machines if you want to work on very hard concrete walls, For example, those with high silica content. By brick and the like, however, you can effortlessly with all the milling from our Milling cut comparison.

2. Other technology

Many technical tricks that guarantee the safety of the user are today a good standard in wall milling. To emphasize are:

  • Smooth start
  • Restart protection
  • Overload protection

If the technical terms do not tell you anything, we will explain them to you piece by piece. Surely you already know a lot about how it works.

2.1. Smooth start

Wall chaser comparison 2018: chaser

Some wall chasers have a small laser. Thanks to this beam of light you can recognize the cutting direction and can easily check the precision of your cut.
However, it is quickly covered by too much dust.

Milling machines have a lot of power. If the engine started directly from zero to one hundred, the device could be torn out of your hands. The soft start prevents this: He makes sure that Speed ​​only gradually increases and the tool unfolds its full power only after a few seconds. Then you can start to cut.

2.2. Overload protection

If the cutting disc gets too hot, it can become unusable, There are two signs: Firstly, the disc suddenly surrounds a wreath of sparks. On the other hand, the disc can turn blue. If this condition has occurred, it is also no longer nachzuschärfen and a case for the trash.

Good masonry milling recognize overheating of the disc early and turn itself off, This gives you the opportunity to examine the wall. Is there an obstacle or a change in the material there? Is there a problem with the machine? Or have you milled for a very long time without interruption? All these are typical causes of extreme heating of the discs.

Basically, it makes sense to let the device idle about every two minutes for ten seconds to allow the blades to cool.

2.3. Restart protection

Wall chaser comparison 2018: chaser

Diamond cutting discs are particularly hard, perfect for grooves in concrete and often available as a set.

It can happen in the heat of the moment that the power supply to the device is interrupted, An accidentally unplugged plug may be the cause, perhaps a defective emergency generator or a regional power failure. This incident, which is harmless in itself, then becomes a danger when the electricity returns and the tiller suddenly starts again.

To prevent this, many modern power tools (for example, angle grinders) have installed a restart protection. If the power fails, the device switches off completely, For re-commissioning the on / off switch must be operated by the user. Unintentional starting of the machine is impossible.

It is not wrong from time to time to check the restart protection for proper functioning: simply let the device idle, have the plug pulled by a helper, continue to hold the device firmly and plug it in again.

2.4. Dust extraction

Wall chaser comparison 2018: device

An industrial vacuum cleaner that quickly removes the muck milled out of the wall. Here is the model VC2512L from Makita.

Wall milling machines have a connection for industrial vacuum cleaners. Commercially available vacuum cleaners for the dirt in the living room carpet are out of the question. Dust extraction does not get the fine dust into your lungs, We also recommend wearing a simple respirator.

Most of the routers are supplied with an adapter so that the suction hose also fits on the socket.

3. Replace cutting discs

For use in the wall chaser Only diamond cutting discs come into question.

During use, strictly adhere to the instructions in the operating instructions. Make sure that the direction of rotation corresponds to the corresponding arrow on the disc.

Before use, subject the tiller to a half-minute test run. Keep the device away from the body. This will allow you to quickly determine if the discs have been inserted correctly and turn them clean. Under no circumstances may they eggs.

Wall chaser comparison 2018: chaser

4. Safety tips

Do not turn on the device while the cut-off wheels are buried in the material. For each cut, the device must be submerged in the wall from above.

Wall chaser comparison 2018: chaser

With a vertical groove, the cutter is always placed on top and pulled down.

For vertical cuts, always cut from top to bottom, So use the weight of the wall slot cutter for yourself. The dust extraction as well as the cable fall down. Make sure that the cable does not accidentally get into the barrel of the router.

Never try to cut the curve with the tiller. For the circular dividers are not suitable. They shatter if you still dare a curve cut.

5. Protective clothing is indispensable

Even if it itches in the fingers and the electric slot cutter screams to be tried out: Do not forget to put on appropriate work clothes. These power tools are much more dangerous when handled incorrectly than other home improvement machines.

Protection typesymbol
Good protection for the eyes Substantial when working with heavy equipment, Smallest stones can detach themselves from the wall and fly around. Injuries to the eye are among the most complicated and often cause irreparable damage.

Wall chaser comparison 2018: device

You should never renounce proper ear protection. From 85 decibels on, occupational health and safety in Germany requires the use of special earmuffs, and Grooving cutters are still a whole lot louder.

Wall chaser comparison 2018: 2018

We would also like to recommend the use of a surgical mask. Although one can appropriate dust extraction remove a significant amount of the grime, which is obtained when cutting through concrete and stone, but a residual amount is always released in powdered form to the air. Make sure you also have sufficient ventilation in the working area.

Wall chaser comparison 2018: device

Even the hands should be protected. It can never be completely ruled out that you lose control of the tool due to a defect or an application error. Even worn pieces of stone are a risk of injury.

Wall chaser comparison 2018: wall

It is also essential to observe the safety instructions that the manufacturer makes in the operating instructions.

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