Choose the wall color for the kitchen according to Feng Shui rules

Knowledge of Feng Shui gives you the opportunity to fill your spaces with a positive Chi and thus turn your life for the better: this is at least if you believe in the ancient Far East teaching. Since all people on the globe strive for health and happiness, and would not refuse a certain wealth, it may also be worthwhile for the doubters to try it once with this special color combination.

Warm wall colors for a good digestion

Kitchen and food are tight together, so it is advisable to use feng shui teaching digestive wall paints. These include, above all, the warm tones of orange and yellow, which are also sunny and friendly.

Green also contains some yellow balance: choose a particularly warm green for your kitchen, with little blue. This not only boosts the intestines, but also enhances the cosiness.

Dark colors may serve as accents, but should not occupy much space in the kitchen. Brightness stands for purity and clarity and causes building up vibrations.

You can still do that for a positive chi!

Not only the wall color per se causes a positive chi according to the teachings of Feng-Shui, but also the further interior design. Here are some important tips for the right vibrations:

  • Although shiny metal looks modern and chic, too much of it creates a sterile, cold impression. Therefore, use chrome, brass and aluminum only sparingly.
  • Always balance to keep ying and yang in balance: hard contours should be balanced with soft shapes, while a rather dark room needs as much light and bright colors as possible.
  • According to the Feng Shui doctrine you should use better in the kitchen no red wall paint, because in conjunction with the heat of the stove could easily swing up the emotions!
  • If you like deep blues, you should combine them with lots of wood and beautiful indoor plants to compensate for ying and yang.

Tips & Tricks

Positive energies accumulate above all in rooms with many natural materials such as wood, bast, sisal, clay and terracotta. Do not rely solely on the color of your kitchen, but also make sure that as little as possible plastic is used.

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