Mix wall paint yourself - or mix it?

Wall paint is mostly available in the hardware store mainly in white, while the large, wide world of shades offers so many different possibilities! Anyone who has ever held a RAL color fan in their hands will probably no longer be satisfied with typical 08/15 tones, but craves simply to try something completely new. With the help of full and tinting colors from the tube you conjure up your very own color worlds!

How to mix the right wall paint yourself

The accurate mixing of a wall paint is not very easy, but if you dare, you should try it. Here is a short guide for people with verve and color sense:

  • Pick a color template.
  • Lay out a large sheet of paper or a wallpaper sheet.
  • Provide the appropriate tinting colors.
  • Always pour a little tinting color in the white color.
  • In between, vigorously agitate the entire color so that the pigments are distributed homogeneously.
  • For best mixing use a drill with stirring rod.
  • As soon as the color tone approaches the desired target, paint a sample.
  • Dry the color sample with a hair dryer, because that changes the brightness level.
  • Compare the wall color with your target color and continue to mix accordingly.

It is always important to grope slowly and approach with patience to the goal. In addition, keep a certain amount of white wall paint ready to compensate if you overshoot.

Sounds too complicated? Just mix your color!

Of course, mixing a whole bucket wall paint is a rather lengthy process, which can be shortened significantly: With the color mixing machines in the hardware store or at the dealer.

This gives you exactly the right RAL tone without any work and you can even order several buckets of it. If the wall color is still not enough, you can always re-order your color. This is how every wall looks exactly the same!

Tips & Tricks

Before you make the effort to mix your wall paint yourself, calculate exactly how much material you need. Then make so much color in your favorite tone that there's still something left. So make sure your mixed color is really enough.

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