Wall colors for small spaces: beautify and enlarge

Small rooms really big: If one of your rooms measures only a few square meters, you can still make a lot out of it with the right color scheme! It is important to make the room not too dark, because quickly instead of comfort, a rather gloomy atmosphere. A few design tricks can also help to raise the mood in an aesthetic way.

Why bright wall paints are good for a small room

Bright wall paints are particularly suitable for smaller rooms, as they visually expand the space. Snow-white painted walls seem to move back a bit, while a deep red surface visually brings the wall into the room.

For this very reason a low ceiling is painted white rather than paneled with dark wood: otherwise the roof will literally fall on the roof of the occupants!

For those who would rather have something more comfortable: With a small splash of yellow and a little bit of brown, white walls look creamier, not so bright!

How to trick wall paints in small rooms

A very short space benefits from the chic striped look: Apply the wall paint in several vertical, pastel-colored stripes. Choose delicate gradations of color that lighten up fluently.

In this way, the room looks longer than it is, and the wall pattern looks really nice! The spirit level and adhesive tape are used as aids to make the stripes look straight and neat.

If you want to paint your walls in color, leave a white strip about 10 to 15 cm wide at the top. This little trick visually raises the ceiling.

A great combination: dark ground, bright walls!

An insiders' tip for interior designers is the combination of a dark floor covering with bright white walls. This creates both cosiness and room size.

For example, a laminate floor in the "oiled oak" décor looks particularly classy, ​​perhaps in conjunction with a dynamically plastered wall and white clay paint. How to make your small room spacious and modern!

Tips & Tricks

Blue is a wonderful wall paint for small spaces, because it has a visibly expansive effect: it is probably because this color reminds us of the sky!

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