Wall construction is the most important detail in timber frame construction

When constructing a house in timber frame construction, the wall construction is the most important detail. Therefore one should inform oneself comprehensively, how the internal wall construction should be executed, if one wants to conclude a construction contract with a company.

The inner beauty counts

The actual Holzständerbauweise sees after completion of the house no one more. Therefore, you have to know what is contained in the wall and make sure that the wall construction has been carried out carefully and accurately.

First, a framework of upright wooden stands with cross connections is created. These beams must not be too narrow, otherwise there will not be enough insulation between them. Thanks to a good insulation, a wooden stand house is at least as energy efficient as a massive house.

Wall construction is the most important detail in timber frame construction: construction

After then the insulation was introduced between the stands, the entire framework must be provided with a vapor barrier. Here must be worked very carefully, so that later no cold bridges can arise.

Wallcovering inside to choice

Both for the lining of the inner walls as well as for the outer paneling there are various possibilities. Inside are plates from Rigips very common. Also useful are OSB panels, as their strength adds to the stability of the building.

It is conceivable for the interior lining but also a visible Holzbeplankung. For this are profiled woods with tongue and groove, which can be painted later if desired.

Shell of the wooden stand construction method

For the outer shell, there are several completely different variants in the timber frame construction. Even the wooden framework of a wooden stand house can be provided like a massive house with a clinker shell.

Another variant is a formwork with a thermal composite system, which is then completed with a mineral plaster. This variant offers additional insulation and is therefore particularly attractive for many home builders.

In this as well as in most other forms, after completion, no one sees whether it is a massive house or a wooden stand house.

Only with the cladding with wooden boards, such as a Schwedenhaus, one can normally assume that there is a wooden stand scaffolding underneath.

Tips & Tricks

Since the most important detail is basically the wall construction, you should check exactly how it looks at the respective property developer. Pay attention to the strength of the beams as well as to the actual thickness of the insulation.

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