Wall cover made of aluminum - what prices do you have to expect?

Price wise, the different wall coverings are often quite far apart. What price you have to expect for covers made of aluminum sheets, and how this price is compared to other covers, this article shows.

price overview

In the following table, the prices for different parts to measure or after prefabricated measures are shown once as an example

Panel TypePrice approx
Alu natural, 1 mm thick, 1 m longabout 40 EUR
Alu natural, 2 mm thick, 1 m longabout 50 EUR
Alu natural, 2 mm thick, 3 m longabout 90 EUR
Alu, color coated, 2 mm thick, 3 m longabout 95 EUR
Comparison value coated sheet, 1 mm thick, 1 m longabout 25 EUR
Reference value titanium zinc pre-weathered, 1 mm thick, 1 m longabout 100 EUR
Comparison value Titanium zinc sheet 1mm thick, 1 m longabout 90 EUR

These values ​​apply to tailor-made custom sizes. If you buy a prefabricated piece in the length of 1 m (standard length), this part only costs around 10 EUR for 1 mm thickness and 1 m length (comparison value).

However, custom-made products are more convenient because joining individual parts or cutting the sheets can be very difficult.

Price comparison with other variants of the wall cover

Even cheaper than aluminum covers are covers made of concrete elements. They are the cheapest way to cover a wall. Covers made of natural stone are the most expensive - prices are often in the range of titan zinc.

The budget for wall covering will, in most cases, play the biggest role in making a wall cover.

Tips & Tricks

Monk-and-nun roof tiles are another way of covering. For this, however, the right gradient must already be present at the top of the wall. Price wise you are here but still quite cheap - you have to expect about 30 euros per meter wall.

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