Wall cover made of natural stone: which slope is necessary?

Again and again there are uncertainties when it comes to a natural stone wall cover: what gradient is needed for the stones? Why can natural stone covers also be completely flat at their top? Answers to these questions can be found in our article.

Standard-compliant cover of masonry crowns

If water falls onto an unprotected masonry crown, it will cause water to penetrate the wall from above, resulting in massive moisture damage to the masonry after a short time. After a few years, the wall would most likely not stand.

For this reason, DIN 1053 provides a watertight cover for all masonry crowns, which are either horizontal, or have only a slight inclination. For crowns with a stronger slope such a seal is not mandatory. However, it is still advisable for the same reasons.

Covers made of natural stone

These covers can be shaped differently. In practice, the names of the shapes are derived from the typical roof shapes:

  • Flat roof (flat surface)
  • Saddle roof (side surfaces ascending towards the middle, also called ridge form)
  • Pent roof (rare to find, sloping to one side slope of the cover element)

Natural stone is not considered to be completely waterproof according to the specifications of DIN, but this function fulfills a sealing sludge applied to the wall crest when laying in two layers. Thus, the total structure of sealing sludge, mortar bed and natural stone cover waterproof in the sense of DIN 1053.

Laying the cover in the fall is therefore not necessary.

Water-draining function

On the one hand, the "roof" shape of the cover provides the water-draining function, on the other hand, sufficient overhang over the wall in conjunction with the drip edge.

In natural stone covers the drip edge is usually formed by a milled groove on the bottom. Due to the overhang over the wall, the water only runs to the drip edge and then drips away from the wall. This fulfills the intended purpose.

Tips & Tricks

Significantly cheaper than natural stone covers are wall coverings made of different sheets or concrete parts. If you want to save costs, access these covers rather than high quality natural stone.

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