Lay wall cover of natural stone - you must pay attention

Each wall needs a degree at the wall crown, in order to prevent later damage to the wall substance. Natural stone covers are a visually very appealing solution. How they work, and how to properly route them, read in this post.

Function of the wall cover

Basically, DIN 1053 requires that walls with a horizontal masonry crown and walls with only a slight slope in the wall crown be effectively protected against ingress of water. Only in the case of masonry crowns with a steep slope such protection is not absolutely necessary (but still advisable).

If the wall crown were unprotected, water could penetrate the structure of the wall. In the shortest possible time, this would lead to massive moisture damage to the wall, and the life of the wall would then be no more than a few years.

Natural stone coverings

Covers can be made of different materials. In addition to concrete and various types of sheet, natural stone is a very popular wall covering.

Natural stones have a visually appealing and high quality, have a long life and offer excellent protection against moisture ingress.

Laying natural stone covers

Preparation of the wall crown

First, the wall crown must be prepared. After laying, there must no longer be any layer of air between the wall crown and the wall covering.

The completely dried masonry crown is first provided with a layer of Dichtschlämme (powder for stirring from the hardware store). The sealing slurry should be smoothed out carefully with the spatula on the masonry crown.

When the first layer has cured, a second layer of sealing slurry is applied in the same manner. After curing of this second layer can continue to work.

Laying the natural stone cover elements

In a 2 - 3 cm thick mortar bed made of special natural stone mortar, the individual elements are laid. The resulting joints must be sealed with a joint sealant for natural stone. After curing of the mortar, the cover is effective.

Tips & Tricks

When buying natural stone coverings, make sure when buying that there is sufficient overhang over the wall!

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