Cutting a wall - how does it work?

Sometimes a door should be in a wall where there is not yet one. That makes a wall breakthrough inevitable. Sawing or cutting can often do that quite well. How this works, which tools are used, and what must be respected, read here.

Making wall breakthroughs

A wall opening must always be made if you want to install a door or a window in a wall. It goes without saying that this is not possible with load-bearing walls or only with great effort - the statics of the entire house can in this case literally "tip over" - a repair is often only possible with immense costs.

When breaking a static wall is always and compelling a static opinion required. The structural engineer then determines what measures are necessary to intercept and distribute ceiling loads. These measures are mandatory and professional to implement very accurately.

For example:

  • Steel girder for catching the ceiling load (steel quality, length, diameter, shape)
  • certain designs of supports
  • Reinforcements on the support wall
  • Reinforcements elsewhere in the building

If you are not sure if the wall is a load-bearing wall (this is not always obvious at first glance), you should also consult a structural engineer.

Break through or saw through?

You can also make a wall opening with special saws. These are used for special masonry saws. But always make sure that the saw is also suitable for the respective building material (concrete saws are a separate category!) And that the saw has sufficient depth of cut.

Up to 15 cm, the device selection is usually quite large, about a little less. 40 cm cutting depth are still possible.

The saw through has the advantage that less dust and dirt accumulates and breakthroughs can be made very accurately. The resulting dust is usually sucked off during sawing. Thus, breakthroughs can be made quickly and cleanly. The work is also free from aggravation for the rest of the wall.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to get started on your own, you can borrow the right equipment. However, high-performance saws can already be expensive - some professional lenders charge 80-90 EUR per day. Light masonry (also made of bricks) you can often saw well even with an electric fox tail (saber saw).

Video Board: How to Cut a Pass-Through in a Load Bearing Wall