Painting a wall tattoo with stencil yourself

Who wants to get a wall tattoo, has three options. He can acquire a finished motif to stick on, paint it with stencil or completely freehand. Stencils are made of film as ready-made motifs and can also be used as a negative for the tattoo. Some vendors make custom templates.

Common decors and motifs

In the 1970s, photo wallpaper was the latest craze in wall design. In the 1990s, more and more wall tattoos spread. The murals consist of partial representations, figures and motifs. In the majority are monochrome variants representing tendril patterns or figurative.

Even expressions or short texts on philosophical topics are popular. Here, geometric patterns are mixed with artfully executed wall scripts. Even a wall lettering in or next to a picture or an illustration opens up many design options. If the motif of a wall tattoo is composed of a repeated and recurring single element, a wall stamp can be the ideal help.

Basis of contrast and size

In the color technical sense, the contrast is the intensity of the color differences from two-color coating. Most wall tattoos are created in a darker hue than the surrounding background. Here are some visual aspects and factors important:

  • With the light-dark difference, the contrast increases
  • Monochrome tattoos correspond to the rest of the wall color
  • Complementary colors "understand" better and work more harmoniously
  • Full-surface motifs are referred to as wall painting, tattoos cover up to about twenty percent of a wall surface

Stencils as foil or cardboard

Completely hands-free painting and drawing are reserved for a few talented people only if an aesthetic result is to come out. For all others, stencils are the perfect tool. There are different ways to select, create and use them:

  • A foil with recesses which, when painted, shows the cut shapes on the wall
  • A foil that is brushed or sprayed around and forms a negative of the stencil form on the wall
  • A stencil cut out of cardboard after self-designed drawing negative as positive possible
  • Individual elements such as bubbles, clouds or the like can be arranged by stamp and "press" on the wall

Special effects of a wall tattoo

In addition to being mounted on a uniformly colored wall surface, a wall tattoo on a two-tone painted wall can develop an additional decorative effect. When it is drawn over the height of the color boundary and protrudes into the color fields on both sides, it acquires a "connecting" character.

If the wall tattoo itself should be designed in two or more colors, individual stencils are required for each color layer. Also, the order of a basic form with stencil and a subsequent "stamping" is a good way to represent foliage on branches or trees, for example, or to let flowers and birds "fly".

Tips & Tricks

When you spice up your walls, think about the permanent pleasure. If you choose a motto, its statement should also fit to changing phases of life.

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