Dosing a wall and paste it effectively

To attach wallpaper to a wall, usually the paper webs are pasted. Depending on the condition of the wall and the type of wallpaper, double-sided or wall-sided pasting may be necessary and advantageous. For non-woven wallpapers usually the wall is pasted. Pure paper wallpaper like woodchip must first soak.

Mix the paste

Basically, the same rule applies to the mixing of wallpaper paste as to sauces and soups in the kitchen. There should be no lumps and the consistency should be stirred as homogeneously as possible. When mixing the paste for the wall are usually specified by the manufacturers other mixing ratios than for the Einkleistern the wallpaper webs.

Whilst soaping and soaking play a major role in wallpapers, the suction behavior and porosity of the substrate must be taken into account when pasting on the wall. In general, the higher the absorbency of the wall, the more fluid the paste has to be mixed.

Each paste has a swelling time must rest and swell after mixing for up to half an hour. Then it is stirred once more. Depending on the condition of the wall, it can be diluted again at this moment.

Prepare the walls

To apply glue on a wall, dust-free is urgently required. Therefore, especially surfaces that consist of bare concealed, should be vacuumed preparatory. If old wallpaper or wallpaper remains on the wall, it is recommended to pre-paste.

After preclaring, drying is allowed, which can take up to three days. After the durability test of the substrate, the wall can be pasted to apply the new wallpaper.

How to paste a wall

  • wallpaper paste
  • water
  • whisk
  • Quast
  • Abstreichgitter

1. Prepare the wall

Remove any unevenness and dust and prime walls with very high suction capacity. These include limestone walls and lime plasters and some lightweight concrete types.

2. Pasting the wall

Using a tassel that you have completely immersed in the cement pail and once peeled off on the scraping grid, start the paste on top and place it on the wall train by rail.

Tips & Tricks

There are high performance wallpaper pastes that you can use like an adhesive. Note, however, that any subsequent removal is hardly possible without flush-mounted damage,

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