Build a wall heating in the drywall itself

The wall heating has today a popularity as a few years ago, the underfloor heating. The installation is similar, but still much easier. The interior design as a drywall is also very good. How you can build a wall heating in drywall yourself, we have summarized below for you.

Drywall or wall cladding

For drywall you have to differentiate according to the type of interior work:

  • Drywall as partitions or for making rooms
  • Drywall cladding of masonry instead of plaster

The wall heating is not always the optimal choice

In numerous articles we explain why the wall heater should preferably be installed in the exterior walls. The wall heating in the old building without thermal insulation illustrates this problem very well.

The requirements: External insulation must be high quality

Thus, we come to the basic requirements in the construction of the outer wall, if a wall heating is to be installed. The insulation to the outside is extremely important. This can be done either from the outside as a facade insulation (ETICS) or on the outside wall as interior insulation from the inside. Especially in old buildings such as in a half-timbered house, the wall heating plays additional advantages.

External wall insulation from inside for wall heating

Here, the insulation must be made mostly from the inside of the outer wall, as in the facade monument preservation often severely limits the possibilities. This in turn shows the advantages that otherwise also come in drywall to bear.

Due to this wall construction, the dew point is shifted to the outside. The wall heating raises the dew point in addition. So moisture is largely avoided in the building by condensate. Especially for the execution in dry construction an important aspect.

Wall heating in drywall build yourself: first the battens

For wall heating with drywall panels, a battens must be attached to the masonry. This battens, which later carries the drywall panels, must first be mounted. The wall heating itself is then installed as a separate circuit between the slats. How to professionally install the wall heating yourself, you can read here in detail.

The matching drywall panels: clay building boards

The difference now comes next to the battens in the wall cladding in dry construction. Many do-it-yourselfers automatically combine drywall construction with plasterboard drywall. But the building materials industry now offers much better options.

So we recommend you to build a drywall wall heating drywall slabs of clay. These are clay building boards, which are mounted like all other drywall panels. Clay is almost predestined in connection with the warm walls.

The building material is also in the form of drywall so well that it is used not only in the modernization of old buildings, but specifically in modern buildings such as energy saving houses. The attachment of Lehmbauplatten takes place as the attachment of any other drywall also.

Wall heating in dry construction according to modular principle

Another way to build the wall heating in dry construction, is based on the modular system. Several manufacturers of drywall products offer drywall panels with integrated wall heating in modular design, which can be expanded as required.

Tips & Tricks

Before you buy material, you should first know the disadvantages of wall heating and consider whether it is suitable for your object. As stated in the guide, wall heating is the best choice for many projects. However, there are certainly circumstances in buildings where the wall heating these benefits can not play.

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