Wall heating in drywall - the cost

Due to its advantages, wall heating is becoming increasingly important. More and more property owners and builders are thinking about wall heating. Here, too, the usual building standard in interior design, the drywall, can be applied. Therefore, below detailed information on the cost of wall heating in drywall.

Different heating principles

The cost of wall heating can and should take into account other aspects; namely the potential energy savings. Therefore, it is worth taking a look at the technology, which then also provides information on the right building materials in dry construction for wall heating. We distinguish the following heating principles:

  • convection
  • radiant heating

The convection heating is the usual heat technology. The air in the room is heated. If 21 degrees Celsius are to be felt, the room air must actually be heated to 21 degrees. Radiant heat does not heat the room air, but the illuminated object or body. At an actual room temperature of 18 degrees Celsius then 21 degrees are still felt.

The savings potential also important for the cost issue

Here is the savings potential to be considered for the costs. In order to keep indoor air at over 18 degrees Celsius, the demand for energy for each degree increases by six to seven percent. Compared to a conventional heating, it is possible to save 20 to 30 percent on heating costs. This savings potential must realistically be included in the cost of wall heating to see if it will pay for itself.

In order for the radiant heat to actually heat, the coating of the wall above the wall heating must not be too strong. The thicker and denser wall coverings and drywall panels over the wall heating, the slower the reaction time.

Space required for costing

In addition, the conditions must be right so that the wall heating can exploit its potential for savings at all. Thus, 20 to 30 percent of the living space, possibly even up to 50 percent, is needed for wall heating. In addition, the installation of the wall heating must preferably take place in the outer wall. This also has reasons for more efficient heating, as you can read here.

Basic requirement for wall heating: the right thermal insulation

In order not to emit too much heat to the outside, it is again important that the thermal insulation is designed accordingly. Since the wall heating is often to be installed in an old building without thermal insulation, the effects are most evident here. If the external insulation is not sufficient (internal insulation of the external wall or facade insulation as ETICS), these costs must also be taken into account, because without this effort, the wall heating would make no sense.

The direct costs for wall heating in drywall

Now, if all the costs have been taken into account in order to optimize the space for wall heating, the direct costs for wall heating continue. There are different possibilities here again. So there are drywall, in which a wall heating is already integrated. These are expandable like modules.

Modules or wall heating with drywall panels

But it is also possible to install the wall heating itself and then dress with drywall panels. With the prefabricated modules, only one look at the price lists of the various providers helps. The costs for the drywall panels with a previously self-installed wall heating and the right choice of material is crucial.

Lehmbauplatten have emerged as particularly well suited. Here it is also important to compare the prices of the various suppliers of clay building boards. Roughly, it can be stated that the prices for drywall wall heating will be between 200 and 300 euros per square meter.

Tips & Tricks

Why clay boards are particularly well suited for wall heating in drywall, you can read here in detail. Although the guide refers to old buildings such as half-timbered houses. But it shows nicely the benefits of clay plaster and clay building boards. Incidentally, clay boards are also used in low-energy houses for wall heating.

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