Add a wall heater later - the cost

Wall heating is becoming increasingly important as it brings many benefits. More and more homeowners and builders therefore consider installing such a wall heater. An important aspect here is the cost. With what costs can be expected for a subsequently installed wall heating, you can read here.

Various heating systems

There are in principle two different types of heating. Different physical and thermal effects are used:

  • convection
  • radiant heating

In a convection heating, the room air is heated to the desired temperature. Our usual radiators are convection radiators. The opposite is radiant heat. Maybe you've already been sitting around a campfire on a cool night. Despite the cold, it was comfortably warm by the fire. Because radiant heat acts on the body here.

The energy saving potential has to be considered in the costs

This brings us to an important aspect that must be included in the cost of retrofitted wall heating: the energy saving potential. As already mentioned, the convection heating has to increase the room air, whereas the radiant heating only heats up illuminated objects and bodies. Convection heat is only slightly.

In order to achieve a sensation of 21 degrees Celsius, in a convection heating, the air must actually be heated to 21 degrees. On the other hand, with radiant heating, 18 degrees is enough, while people feel the heat as 21 degrees. It is noteworthy here that heating the room air by any further degree above 18 degrees means an additional energy expenditure of six to seven percent. In other words: properly executed, the wall heating saves a lot of money compared to other systems.

However, the basic requirements must also be right

The emphasis, however, is on "properly used". For room heating to be able to fully develop its positive effect, the requirements must be right. So the wall heater should preferably always be mounted inside the outer wall.

In addition, a very good thermal insulation to the outside is mandatory. On the basis of an old building without sufficient thermal insulation for wall heating, the problem shows. Of course, if the conditions are not optimal, you must of course also take into account the costs for appropriate thermal insulation.

The direct costs for the subsequent installation of a wall heater

The direct costs for the subsequent installation of a wall heating can not be lumped. You have to expect between 300 and 400 euros per square meter. Basically, you can buy the required material very cheap and build the wall heating completely yourself. But you can also fall back on different ready-made systems.

Cost of material wall heating

In principle, must be given:

  • Hot water connection to the heating (supply)
  • Water connection to the heater for the return
  • possibly a distributor (distributor box) in order to be able to connect several wall heating coils in series
  • Clamping rails and heating composite pipes
  • Drywall or plaster

Tips & Tricks

How to proceed when laying a wall heating, you can read here in detail.

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