Paint a wall in two colors at which height

If a wall is painted two-tone with horizontal offset, in most cases two optical effects are intended. Either to produce a darker color in the lower area country style and / or wall protection or the room should be raised or raised visually. This results in the appropriate height.

Half high in the country house style or for protection

Except in some special design cases, the two-color painting of a wall with horizontal offset between half-height or near the ceiling is decided.

With a half-high swipe for optical reasons, usually the similar effect as in country house panels is sought. If the application of paint is primarily intended to protect against traces of dirt, factors such as furniture and working height also play a role.

As a height 1.50 meters apply to tower chairs and flat wall furniture such as sideboards. In terms of design, further aspects should be taken into account when choosing the height:

  • Exact halving the ceiling height is monotonous and boring
  • One or two thirds of the ceiling height or any other heights are more attractive
  • For protection and washable Hochglanzlack of only 1.50 meters should be deviated slightly
  • The lower color range should always be darker than the upper one

Influence the effect of the room height

In general, lighter colors always have an increasing, opening and enlarging effect. This effect is already created by a lighter ceiling opposite the walls. By painting two-tone paint on the walls, this visual impression can be enhanced. For very high ceilings, this works the other way around, when darker colors are used on the wall in the upper area. Generally applies to both variants:

  • The offset of the paint should be ten to twenty centimeters from the edge of the ceiling
  • The wider the upper stepped edge, the more the optical effect is amplified
  • Uniform ceiling and top wall paint reinforce the effect

Reduce workload by repainting

It is possible to turn a well-preserved already monochrome painted wall by repainting in two-color. When partially painting the wall, however, one has to think about the difficulty of covering from lighter to darker colors.

Tips & Tricks

When choosing a color, pay attention to the interaction of the colors and their atmospheric effect on the feeling of living.

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