Increase wall - what options are there?

If more privacy is desired, usually offers only the opportunity to increase an existing wall. The possibilities for this and how best to raise the wall is explained in this article

concrete walls

Solid concrete walls are basically quite easy to raise. Reinforced concrete can also be concreted relatively easily. In both cases, you should drill holes on the masonry crown and insert mild steel bars into the holes to make a good connection to the existing wall.

Then a formwork can be created, and you can just put the wall on concrete. In any case, make sure that you use suitable concrete in sufficient quality. If you have a solid foundation, this should be able to handle the now higher weight of the wall easily.

So that the old wall connects even better with the new concrete, you can moisten the wall crown, or use so-called "primer paint". Both is not absolutely necessary, but helps with concrete. Triangle strips ensure a nice and clean edge finish.

Other possibilities

Of course, you can also increase the wall crown by other means - such as:

  • with a fence placed on the crown
  • with a planting on the wall crown
  • by building up curbs on a (flat) wall crown

In most cases, stable and secure fixings on concrete are more of a problem (remember the wind pressure). Concrete is certainly a pretty good method for a permanent increase.

Other masonry types

Of course, any masonry made of stones can continue to wall up. All you have to do is remove any existing cover on the upper stone surface. Then you can just wall up with the individual stones.

Possible problems with walling up or concreting

If you want to increase an existing wall, it is important to first find out which wall height is permissible. There may be restrictions locally - as a rule walls up to a height of 1.80 m are possible in many municipalities without authorization. This is not always true in all places.

Tips & Tricks

Information about permissible wall heights and locations of walls can always be found in the so-called neighborhood law of the respective federal state. In addition, however, it is also possible to apply municipal statutes and specifications from the development plan. Therefore, it is best to inform yourself at the local building authority.

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