Stick wall panels directly onto wallpaper or wallpaper remnants

The potentially weakest breakpoint for wall panels that are glued to wallpaper is the adhesion of the wallpaper. Indispensable is an exact examination of whether wallpaper or wallpaper remains sufficient hold. Some tricks allow you to increase the grip and make the bonding safe. If necessary, a substructure provides the necessary support.

Repeat wallpaper repeatedly

Who wants to attach wall panel, is always in the question of what effort he has to operate in the preparation of the support wall. Well wallpapered walls are often suitable for gluing the wall panels directly onto the wall. The wallpaper forms a kind of bonding bridge.

If wallpaper does not stick securely over a large area or several layers of wallpaper are ready to stick to the wall, a more thorough inspection must be carried out. Depending on the type of wallpaper and material, a repeated Einkleistern the wall detached wallpaper surfaces fix on the wall again. The durability must be checked after drying, especially at the edges to the corners.

As little as possible, as much as necessary

Often very old wallpaper can only be partially detached from the wall. To prepare for sticking the wall panels, the partial removal is sufficient. Since wall panels consist of rigid panels or plates, slight unevenness in the millimeter range can be leveled by generous adhesive application.

Checklist for wallpaper preparation

  • Cut with a cutter or wallpaper knife about ten inches deep slots in the wallpaper. On a square meter of wallpaper you should distribute at least eight cuts.
  • In the cuts, lift the wallpaper in both directions with a spatula with a sharp blade.
  • Check with the spatula also the surrounding corners and edges of the wallpapering.
  • If you discover loose spots, glue them in and check for durability again after drying.
  • For non-sticking or plaster erosion, you must scrape the wallpaper so far that any loose connection disappears.

Tips & Tricks

If your old wallpaper keeps well, it is recommended to keep it as a substrate on the wall. The direct sticking on the exposed after the wallpaper removal flush can lead to plaster damage during subsequent renovation.


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