Attach wall panels with or without base frame

Wall panels can be nailed, glued or screwed to the wall. Depending on the construction, a base frame can serve as a carrier or the individual panels can be placed directly on it. A top frame can ensure diffusion with its ventilation function, especially on exterior walls. Also insulation and cable management are simplified.

Advantages of a basic frame

If a flat wall surface is present, gluing, nailing or screwing wall panels directly onto the wall evidently requires the least amount of work. Note, however, the requirements for cable guides and wall texture.

If a wall panel is built by itself, the later directly attached panels must have cable guides, light switches and sockets "on board". The wall must be completely dry and stable. It must not be exposed to major moisture loads such as in wet rooms or outside wall perspiration.

Mount base frame

A base frame can be designed as a later concealed substructure or as a partially visible part of the wall panels. It also has the advantage of being able to integrate existing baseboards into the panel wall. Depending on the thickness of the frame strips, the base can remain open, in which the wall panels are placed on impact. Alternatively, a frame of strips corresponding to the thickness of the base may allow for paneling through floor-to-bottom panels.

The base frame consists of an upper horizontal cross bar, which is connected to approximately at the cassette intervals of perpendicularly mounted vertical strips. The wall panels are placed over the entire surface or can be fitted as cassettes in the rectangles of the strip construction.

Board the wall panels

The easiest and fastest attachment is nailing on the frame or directly on the wall.

Screw wall panels

A base frame is screwed into dowel holes in the wall. The cover elements or cassettes should be glued on to avoid unsightly screw heads.

Glue wall panels

The selected adhesive must be set for the materials involved. When attaching directly to tiles or wallpaper, appropriate multifunctional adhesives are required. On a wooden base frame, the backs of the wall panels can be glued with wood glue.

Tips & Tricks

If you install small panels on the wall, you can also proceed as if laying tiles. Press the individual elements into a kind of full-surface adhesive bed.

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