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  • A wall vault is considered to be particularly stable because it can not be easily taken by the potential thieves and yet can be easily hidden in the house or apartment.
  • A distinction is made here between wall safes that are opened with a key and those that additionally have a (mechanical or electronic) combination lock.
  • When you buy your wall safe in addition to the locking technology, especially on the different levels of security, as this is among other things relevant to your insurance and thus the potential claim for damages.

Wall safe comparison 2018: 2018

Since 2006, ie for more than ten years, the number of burglaries in the Federal territory is increasing steadily (Source: Federal Criminal Police Office) - what is closer than really important documents, in addition passports, other ID cards, To keep credit cards, securities, precious jewelery and even cash at home in the safest possible safe and protect her from the thief's hand?

In our wall vault comparison 2018 we took a closer look at the different types and will give you tips and tricks on the safety and functionality of the different models in this guide. There's a lot to look out for before deciding on your personal wall vault test winner, especially the choice between keylock and combination lock vault.

1. Wall safes are considered particularly safe

History of the vault

The term safe comes from the Greek and means as much as treasury (thesauros). However, the first safes did not come into being until the year 1800; Until about 1960, banks and large companies still produced their treasure hives on their own responsibility before marriage big manufacturers like Bode tanks and Pohlschrödermade a name and conquered the market.

Since 1992, the so-called "seal of quality standards for safekeeping units", also known as CEN, has been in force in Europe, These include safes, steel cabinets, safes, safes and safes in addition to safes.

Safes and entire vaults, of course, are well-known to most banks, where they mostly secure large sums of money from sophisticated thieves. But Even in the private household there is enough important things that can not simply be stored in the filing cabinet - In particular, when longer holiday trips are pending, one does not want to have to worry about his belongings.

Wall safes are, as a rule, concreted into the wall - and that means they can not be dragged along by burglars like loose safes. The necessary use of force deters most of the thieves - Alone because, for example, by welding too much unwanted noise (and thus attention) arises. Occasionally, however, safes can be pulled out of the wall by a van or bus connected to a steel cable, but this also requires not only a suitable location, but also other suitable circumstances.

With enough time (and necessary rest) can also crack the best wall vault, but these are burglars usually not, because An average break-in usually takes little more than 5 minutes (Source: Spiegel), namely amateurs as well as professional thieves.

The general rule: The higher the security level for the vault, the harder it is for the time-pressed thief to break it up.

Below we have the main advantages and disadvantages of a wall vault over other vault types as burglary protection summarized for you:

  • Can not just take it with you
  • Violent use causes a lot of noise
  • 5/6 of the vault protected by concrete embedding
  • not 100% safe, but the time required (depending on the security level) is significantly increased
  • Wall installation complicated

2. Purchase advice for the wall vault: What you should pay attention

The following purchase criteria should always be kept in mind when purchasing a new wall safe.

2.1. The locking technique

Key Safe

Wall safe comparison 2018: wall

Key safes usually have a so-called double-bar lock with (usually) two keys. The advantage is that you do not have to remember complicated number codes hereHowever, you must now also hide the key in a safe place.
Combination Lock Safe

Wall safe comparison 2018: 2018

Combination lock safes work either mechanically or electronically and can be opened either with a numeric code or with an emergency key. You must also store this in a safe place.

Danger: Some older lock safes of the Combination Lock category do not yet have the option of being opened with emergency keys. This becomes problematic when it comes to an electronic combination lock and the batteries go unnoticed empty, For the most part, you only have to break up the lock yourself

2.2. The different security levels

Wall safe comparison 2018: comparison

This wall vault by Burg-Wächter is a model of security level B.

The safe security levels are not only interesting for your insurance, but also give you an idea of ​​the resilience of your wall safe. For the insurance applies: The higher the security level, the less likely the vault will break and thus also a (for you) expensive compensation.

Information on the respective level can be obtained from manufacturer badges, so-called VdS license plates and certification marks in the vault. Either the (older) VDMA or the more modern European standard according to EN 1143-1 and EN 14450 applies:

VDMA standard
  • single-walled steel cabinet: Class A (according to VDMA 24992)
  • multi-walled steel cabinet: Class B (according to VDMA 24992)
  • Wertschutzschrank: Security level C1 - C2 (according to RAL-RG)
  • Armored money Cabinet: Security level D 10/20, E10 (according to RAL-RG)
European standard:
  • Security cabinet: Security level S1 - S2
  • Wertschutzschrank: Grade 0 - VI

The lowest rated is the safety class S1, the highest is the VdS class VI. The basic security is the VdS class 0; In the case of a burglary you would be covered with up to € 65,000.

The older VDMA standard in particular relates to wall-mounted storage, furniture safes and weapon cabinets - to avoid irritation and discrepancies, you should In case of doubt, check the level of security according to the European standard with your insurance companyto get detailed advice on the amount of compensation.

2.3. The fire safety

Wall safe comparison 2018: comparison

This height-adjustable wall safe by Eisenbach is considered to be high-quality fire-insulated by a circumferential fire rebate, which swells in the event of fire and hermetically seals the inside of the safe.

Regardless of the fact that even some brazen burglars could fall back on a flame cutter to crack your vault, a regular house fire is the more likely danger. To a certain extent, your wall safe should be fireproof - important for this is the information on the fire protection class:

  • S 120 DIS according to EN 1047-1: 2 hours fire protection for media
  • S 60 DIS according to EN 1047-1: 1 hour fire protection for media
  • S 120 P according to EN 1047-1: 2 hours fire protection for paper
  • S 60 P according to EN 1047-1: 1 hour fire protection for paper

3. Further questions about the subject of wall vault

Among the high-quality manufacturers of multifunctional wall safes are the models from the following suppliers:

  • Castle guard
  • Rottner
  • Homdox
  • Teamyy
  • Eisenbach
  • Domus
  • format
  • Deuba

3.2. Where do I hide my wall safe best?

Since this is a vault in a wall, you can hide the good piece badly, certainly not spontaneously - but the corresponding wall already. On the one hand, the vault should be as unobtrusive as possible, but on the other hand a relatively uncomplicated access should be possible. We recommend the installation of a wall unit made especially for this purpose.

Wall safe comparison 2018: safe

The hiding place behind a mural is neither particularly innovative nor surprising for the thief.

The hiding places in the following list, however, are considered as classics among thieves and are almost certainly the first to be considered:

  • behind a mural
  • behind the bookshelf
  • under the sink
  • behind the TV

For general inspiration to other hiding in your own household, it is worth taking a look at this privately produced film:

3.3. Has Stiftung Warentest already carried out a wall vault test?

Wall safe comparison 2018: comparison

This very sturdy constructed wall vault promises a flame cutting protection u.a. through a double-walled door and a manganese steel lock protection armor.

So far, the foundation has not crowned a wall vault test winner, but it looks quite different portable or small vaults out. Incidentally, the winner of the vault here comes from the extremely renowned manufacturer Burgwächter. Click here for the article from February 2016.

According to the Swiss partner organization balance Incidentally, crowbars, screwdrivers and hammers are among the most popular tools in opening the safes. There, too, a model of Burgwächter became a small safe test winner.

3.4. How do I best install my wall vault?

If you have not already included the wall vault installation in the new building or in its planning, it is designed appropriate retrofitting of the living environment, of course, a little more complexTherefore, we recommend that you seek professional advice from a specialist for your specific housing situation, at best a bricklayer.

It is important that when installing your new wall safe, always make sure that you comply with the relevant safety requirements. Speak here for details with your insurance company and also with the bricklayer of your choice. Under no circumstances should you risk mistakes that could mean the loss of damages at the end.

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