Painting the wall without wallpaper saves work

If you want colored walls in your rooms, you can do without elaborate wallpapering. Almost all plastered walls can be painted directly. A thorough pre-treatment is necessary to minimize the absorbency of the bare wall.

Local conditions

In a new building, the fresh plaster surfaces of the untapezierten walls can be grounded easily. Usually even a coat is enough for a uniformly covering coat.

If the walls have been freed of wallpaper, the condition of the surface must be checked carefully. All wallpaper remains must be completely removed. Some wallpaper tear small holes in the plaster or it will remain chunks of plaster on the old wallpaper pieces. In this case you have to plaster it before painting.

In the case of a calcareous plaster, cleaning must be carried out before priming. Whether a wall contains lime can be determined with the thumb test. If the skin of the thumb remains white after repeated firm rubbing and pressing of the surface, lime is present.

Always prime

Depending on the precondition, painting a wall without wallpaper involves several work steps. In no case can on the waste, which is also referred to as a primer, be waived. The strong absorbency of plaster does not allow a uniform color distribution.

  • In the case of calcareous plaster, the walls must be thoroughly washed off with a root brush and scrubbed until no discoloration on the thumbs becomes more visible.
  • The complete drying out of a washed wall takes at least 24 hours.
  • Repair work such as closing holes, cracks or leveling unevenness is performed with putty.
  • The primer or wastepaper is often referred to as a deep background. It must be generously applied according to the manufacturer's instructions. For some types of plaster a primer coat before and after filling is recommended.
  • The emulsion paint for painting the wall without wallpaper should be sufficient for at least two complete strokes.

Residential situation

If the walls in a rented apartment or a rented house without wallpaper should be painted, a consultation with the landlord is recommended. The takeover and delivery status should be fixed in writing in the lease.

Tips & Tricks

The manufacturers provide many wall paints that create structures or effects. The transition to fine plaster elements is fluid.