Painting the wall - with these tips it works perfectly

To paint walls clean and to get a perfect look, a little expertise is necessary. With the tips and tricks of professionals shown in this guide the paint succeeds perfectly and the result is something to be proud of.

Professional tricks

So it's done:

  • Influence spatial effect with colors
  • Clean stripes and color borders
  • the right order when painting
  • Professional technology "wet in wet"

Influence spatial effect with colors

The choice of the color of walls and ceilings significantly influences the visual spatial effect.

Rooms with high ceilings are more balanced when the ceilings are painted a little darker than the walls. If, on the other hand, the walls are darker than the ceiling, the room appears narrower and more comfortable.

Long, narrow spaces can be easily compensated visually with a stripe pattern painted on the front side. Vertical stripes can also visually enlarge small and narrow spaces.

Clean stripes and color borders

Strips and contrasting colors or two-tone paints can be made with masking tape. With minimal unevenness, however, the paint runs behind the tape and there is no clean edge.

This can be avoided by using high-quality, well-adhering tape, pressing it down carefully and then vigorously brushing against the edges with the underlying paint. Then a hind leg is no longer possible.

The tape must always be removed immediately after painting before the paint becomes film-forming.

The right order when painting

First, the ceilings are painted, then all the edges and edges of the walls. It is best to use a brush. Paint rollers do not always bring a clean application of paint in all corners.

Only then are the wall surfaces painted. For multicolored paints or offset paints, the largest areas in the area are always painted first, and then colored areas or smaller areas follow.

Professional technique "Wet in wet"

Especially with darker shades this technique is necessary to avoid edge formation. Use long pile rollers and always set the roller at a point on the wall where wet paint is already present. This excludes edge formation.

Edges are clearly visible, especially at oblique incidence of light and dark wall colors.

Tips & Tricks

The quality of the substrate is decisive for the quality of the paint. In case of doubt, always paint a primer.

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