Wall construction is crucial for the quality of the wooden stand construction

If you have decided for a house in wood stand construction, you should look at the wall construction and examine exactly. The wall construction is later crucial for the durability of the house and its consumption of heating costs.

Skeleton construction - but not too thin

In the timber stand construction, a scaffold or skeleton of wooden stands and cross connections is first created. The strength of the later upright wooden stand is crucial for the strength of the insulation, which can be introduced into the wall.

If the upright stands are selected too thin, the house will not be adequately insulated and you will need much more heating costs. But even worse, the stability of the house can also suffer.

Wall construction is crucial for the quality of the wooden stand construction: construction

The stability of the building is not achieved in the wooden stand construction with load-bearing walls, but by the complete framework. If this is calculated too weakly, the house will collapse in the worst case in a strong storm under the load of the roof.

Insulation decides on heating costs

Since it is clear to everyone that the insulation determines the level of the later energy costs, of course everyone wants to have a strong insulation in their wooden frame house. So care is taken to ensure that the bars are sufficiently strong.

Unfortunately, it is commonplace for a few dubious construction companies to include only a thin, cheap layer of insulation between these beautiful, strong uprights. Then, when the vapor barrier is attached, finally no one sees the botch.

Too thin insulation, which does not fill the existing space, but brings next to the loss of heat even more problems with it, since the insulation can then slip and cold bridges are the result.

Tips for the right wall construction

  • The thickness of the insulation should correspond to the wall thickness
  • Vapor barrier must be attached accurately and cleanly
  • Window and door openings must also be accurately decoupled

Tips & Tricks

If the contractor works exactly, a house built in timber frame construction is energy efficient and durable. However, since you can not trust everyone, you have to check for yourself which insulation is used.

It pays off in the long run to commission a fully independent expert with construction supervision. He knows all the weaknesses and small mistakes that can later have a negative impact on the new house.

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