Remove a wall tattoo without problems

Wall tattoos inspire, which is not surprising, after all, it changes the overall atmosphere of a room. But what is glued to the wall, must at some point down again. Therefore, we have put together a guide for you to remove from a wall tattoo.

Are wall tattoos easy to remove or not?

Wall tattoos have been trendy for years. Of course, manufacturers always write about how easy they are to remove. If a seller of wall tattoos wrote that the film is very difficult to peel off, that would clearly be an obstacle to buying. But no reason to panic - on the whole, wall tattoos can actually be easily pulled off again.

The biggest problem: the wall color can go with

In rare cases, however, it may happen that some paint dissolves from the wall. In addition we give you tips under "Tricks". For the regular removal of wall tattoos on walls, however, there are often other, somewhat "misused" surfaces.

  • walls
  • Cover
  • cabinets
  • glass surfaces

But on all surfaces removing the wall tattoos is reasonably easy if you have the right tools and a bit of patience. However, you must also be aware that you can not use a wall tattoo after removal in general.

Step by step instructions for removing a wall tattoo

  • maybe some glass cleaner (smooth surfaces like veneer or glass)
  • a spray bottle with water (wallpaper)
  • a spatula
  • a pair of tweezers
  • a conventional hair dryer

1. Preparatory work

Depending on where you have applied your wall tattoo, or want to remove one, it makes sense to moisten the film and in particular the substrate and thus also the adhesive layer of the wall tattoo.

On smooth surfaces such as windows or veneered furniture spray the wall tattoo vigorously with glass cleaner. Please only use on veneer or other painted surfaces agents which do not dissolve the varnish (eg nail polish remover, thinner, etc.) or cause lasting damage.

Wall tattoos on walls can be sprayed vigorously with water in advance. You may be able to add a drop of detergent. Then let the wall tattoo or glue soak.

2. Remove the wall tattoo

Now take a spatula and tweezers and slowly peel off the foil. Scrape something under the foil and then grasp it with the tweezers. If that does not work, you can also heat the wall tattoo with the hair dryer.

In contrast to the wall decal, where you have to be careful not to damage the foil, you can now heat the foil properly - but of course not so that it melts. At least now it should be no problem to completely remove the wall tattoo.

3. Rework after removing the wall tattoo

Now you may need to remove only adhesive residues. If you have followed these instructions, the removal of walls with wall paint should also have worked well. Only with wallpapers it can come here to difficulties.

Tips & Tricks

You can test before attaching the wall tattoo, if the color would peel off on removal. Many and above all serious suppliers of wall decals offer a free service: the shipment of a piece of free adhesive film. On the one hand you can test whether the film sticks later, but also to see if the wall paint dissolves. For this you should stick the piece of adhesive film but weeks, if not months on the wall at a point where it is not visible later.

In particular, cheap wall decals do not or only very poorly stick to woodchip wallpaper, although the description often indicates otherwise. Again, you can request some test film from a reputable provider. Incidentally, similar problems also exist with high-quality film in certain nonwoven and glass fiber wallpaper.

If you want to attach a wall tattoo, you can find the corresponding article in the house journal here.

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