Calculate a wall wall

If a wall is to be processed, it is often necessary to calculate the area. How to calculate a wall, we have summarized below for you.

Assign walls differently: you need the area

Walls usually do not stay as they are when they are moved in or first-time use. These can be covered or coated differently:

  • covered with tiles
  • paint with paint
  • clad with wood (panels, tongue and groove boards, etc.)

All work has in common is that you buy the required materials in sufficient quantities. But on the other hand do not buy too much of it, so that your leftovers stay smaller and therefore the costs do not rise senseless.

The simple calculation of a wall

Calculating the wall or walls to be processed thus comes first. If you only want to calculate one wall, you need width x height. These numbers add up and thus have the square footage.

Example: Wall width 6 m, room height 3.30 m: 6.00 x 3.30 m = 19.80 cm, ie 20 square meters

Take into account the wall calculation window

If a window with the dimensions height 1.60 and width 1.80 m is included, the area is also calculated here, ie 1.60 x 1.80 m = 2.88 square meters, ie 2.90 square meters. This area is then deducted from the total area: 19.80 minus 2.90 = 16.90 or 17 square meters.

Calculate all room walls minus windows and doors

If all four walls are to be calculated and if the room is rectangular, you will need: (area long wall + area wide wall) x 2, ie (W x H + L x H) x 2. Any windows and the door area will be displayed first and then subtracted from the total area

Calculate non-symmetric rooms

If the walls are not symmetrical, ie the same size, you have to calculate the individual sections individually. This applies to semi-sloped walls: straight surface + sloping surface, ie L x H straight wall + L x H wall slope.

Cutouts in material and pricing

Recesses up to a total area of ​​2.50 square meters are not included in the calculation, at least for painting work. But very well in the material requirement.

Calculate round bay window

In principle, round walls are measured as well as by orbiting. Using a tape measure, determine the length of the round wall, measure the height and multiply both numbers together.

Other calculations

You may also need to remove tall pedestals and half-height tile surfaces if the rest of the wall is to be painted.

Tips & Tricks

When painting and painting, you have to factor in around ten percent more when purchasing material. For tiles depending on their size up to 20 percent due to waste. But in any case, replacement tiles for storage should also be considered here for any damage to the laid tiles.

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