Walls - what prices do you pay for this?

Walls are a very interesting option - also for garden design. Which types and designs are common and what they usually cost, you can find out in this post in detail and in detail.

Possible applications of wall slabs

As a robust reinforced concrete element, wall slabs are especially versatile outdoors. Many are known as "Winkelsteine" or "L-Steine".

They can be used well as a support for a slope or as a boundary of individual areas. But they are also well suited for a multitude of other possibilities:

  • Raised beds
  • Parking separation
  • terrace limit

They are completely weather-proof and frost-proof and have a very long service life.

Prices for wall slices

A small, exemplary overview of different versions can be found in the following table:

executionsizePrice approx
concrete gray, smooth exposed concrete55 x 33 x 49 x 11.6 cm80 - 90 EUR
concrete gray, smooth exposed concrete80 x 43x 49 x 11.6 cm55 - 60 EUR
concrete gray, smooth exposed concrete105 x 56 x 99 x 11,6 cm140 - 150 EUR
smooth with support foot, quarrystone structure100 x 100 cm95 - 100 EUR
smooth with support foot, quarrystone structure125 x 150 cm160 - 170 EUR

But with the costs of the stones alone, it is not enough. Particularly complex and therefore also expensive are the transport and the delivery. This is due to the heavy weight of the stones. Even the smaller stones in our table weigh about 100 kg. Larger formats bring then already several hundred kilos on the scales.

This considerably increases the costs of transport and delivery costs. In the case of large-sized wall slabs, there are also fees for handling at the place of installation (a crane is often needed). Also costs for the backfilling then come to this, but these are always based on the respective effort, the gravel consumption and - clearly - according to the price list of the executing company.

Of course you also have to include the costs for a foundation. In general, you can also do that yourself.

Tips & Tricks

It is best to have a GaLa farmer prepare a complete offer, including installation and all necessary ancillary services. When comparing bids, make sure you also check who is spending-dependent on bND and who bids (or too) low.