Attach a pin board without drilling

A pin board is made of materials that do not develop high weight. Therefore, it is quite possible to attach them to a wall without drilling. In addition to adhesive, magnetic solutions are also possible. In addition, some temporaries can be constructed, which do not require specific holes for the pin board due to their multifunctionality.

Horizontal and vertical force

If you hang a pin board against a wall, you often have to fix a lower weight than a picture with a glass frame. Nevertheless, the pinboard needs a basic stability, since the changing grooving creates a kind of traffic load.

The weight of a pin board made of cork and styrofoam is only a few kilograms. Gravity draw weight is less of a concern than "shaking" and vertical pushing and pulling by the puncture tools. The attachment must mainly keep in the horizontal direction.

Fastenings without drilling

1. Gluing

Double sided tape is a cheap and durable alternative. On wallpaper and plaster, however, it can cause damage during subsequent removal. To guard against them, acrylic varnish coatings on the splices are a helpful remedy. The painted surfaces can be painted or papered with a later new creation of the wall.

2. magnetic color

Magnetic paint is enriched with iron powder. If it is applied to the wall, even in isolated places, it offers strong magnets hold. Ideally, at least two magnetic color strips are mounted in the width of the pinboard at the top and bottom ends. Depending on the iron content and ink layer thickness, the number of required magnets can be adjusted.

3. Multifunction rail

In order to decorate a wall undamaged with hangings such as pictures, a picture or multifunction rail on the ceiling is ideal. It is mounted at a small distance from the wall (about five centimeters) on the ceiling. Barely visible wires or transparent nylon cords serve to hang object on her. A pinboard is loaded horizontally when a needle or thumbtack is pressed into it. In order for the pin board to provide the necessary resistance, spacers are attached to the back. For example, they can consist of corks or styrofoam cubes.

Tips & Tricks

If your structural or installation-related options permit, telescopic poles with springs can be used in many different ways without having to drill. The models, which are available as shower and bath rods, can reach more than two meters and can also be placed and used between cabinets or in bay windows like picture rails.


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