Remove wallpaper paste - so you get paste residues

Where shavings are made, shavings fall - where paper is left over with glue residues. How to best remove wallpaper paste from different substrates, and how to proceed best when removing, reveals the following instructions.

Ingredients of wallpaper paste

  • Methylcellulose or carboxymethylcellulose
  • Strength
  • Dispersion glue (not with all pastes)
  • Synthetic resin reinforcement (only with so-called "Kraftkleister" with high adhesion)

Removal of glue residues on window and door frames

Wallpaper paste is always water soluble. This also applies to kraft pastes and to special adhesives used for non-woven wallpaper.

Fresh residues of glue on door frames, window sills or window frames can be wiped off without residue with a sucking cloth.

If the glue has dried, it remains water-soluble. For larger stains, soaking in water helps. The easiest way to do that is with a damp sponge and warm water.

Remove wallpaper paste from textiles

With the usual washing in the washing machine, glue residues completely and residue-free from all textiles.

Even on more delicate fabrics such as wool, no residue remains.

Remove wallpaper paste from non-woven wallpaper

When applying non-woven wallpaper, a special paste is used. It is not applied to the wallpaper but to the wall.

For this reason, excess paste can escape from the bumps of the wallpaper. When still wet, it can be wiped with a sopping cloth.

Then the wallpaper must be carefully soaked in the affected area to remove paste residues with the cloth. Without this measure, visible spots may remain.

Remove wallpaper paste from the wall

After removing the wallpaper usually remain no disturbing paste residues on the wall or the plaster. If that is the case, it helps to water several times and wash the wall.

Loops can lead to uneven surfaces and holes, which then have to be compensated.

Removing wallpaper paste - this is the best way to proceed

  • warm water
  • dish soap
  • sponge
  • soft, absorbent, lint-free rag
  • bowl

1. soaking

Put some warm water in a bowl with a small amount of detergent. Moisten the paste residues well.

2. Remove and soak again

After about fifteen minutes, wipe off the already liquefied paste with a soft cloth. Soak the rest of the stain with the sponge. If necessary, repeat several times.

3. Wash off

Wash the softened paste with the sponge and plenty of water. Dry with the cloth.

Tips & Tricks

When removing the glue from a non-woven wallpaper may only be gently rubbed off, otherwise the wallpaper may be damaged.

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